The Girl Who Lost The Bet

…but still managed to come out the big winner

Not A Real Timeline Of My Life: Part 4

August 1, 1965: Doc is accepted into The Hobart International School for Young People. This thrills his parents. Doc is less than thrilled, especially when he learns that his first year at Hobarts will be at the New York City campus.

September 15th, 1965: Arrives in New York City. Within minutes of stepping off the bus, he meets avylou, thus beginning a friendship that endures to this day. Doc’s parents say she had a “civilizing influence” on him. Her parents say he “certainly made her more of a risk taker”. Both children meet other students from the U.S.A, Canada, the Bear Flag Empire, Canada, the 100 Nations, Quebec and The Republic of Texas.

September 19th: Called to headmasters office after getting in a fight with four older boys. Given 5 days detention…after he explains to the headmaster how he won the fight singlehandedly.

September 27th: More detention, this time for “Leaving the campus at night and running wild in Central Park”. His excuse: “It’s the only place in this town that comes close to being a forest.”

October 16th: Convinces avylou and two other students to help him find out what their biology teacher is doing sneaking around the campus late at night. Turns out the biology teacher is having a late night affair with an english teacher…and a math teacher…and the school nurse. The other three children are shocked, but Doc merely remarks “Wow…not bad for a short bald guy.”

To be continued…


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