She Moved Like A Panther

…and she was getting ready to pounce

More World Building Game Info

Look In Here, Kid

Equal Parts Crazy And Cool

…with just a dash of egotism:)

Miles Walked Last Night: 1.8 in 35 minutes 

The World Building Game Begins Now! 


Here’s Lookin’ At You, Helen B. Narbon

…go read Narbonic

Miles Walked On Tuesday: 1 in 18 minutes
Miles Walked On Wednesday: 3.7 in 1 hour, 5 minutes

Not sure if I’m losing weight yet, but my leg muscles are getting steel hard, baby!

I hope those of you on my FL who are at Origins are having a great time.

And now, I must drink my tea and eat my brekky. More blogging later.

I Thought It Was Over, Until The Big Black Car Drove Up

…then things just went all to hell

World Building Game Announcements!

1: I have enough players. No new ones will be accepted.

2: The game will be switching from a Play By Email format to a Play By LJ Post format. Yep, that’s right, we’ll be playing both the Village Mayor and Adventure Party formats right here on this LJ, both for speed/ease of play and the amusement of all the non-players. Things should run smoother and quicker than they would in the PBEM format.

3: Mostly due to the fact that one of the players, my old friend Arn, is not a computer owner/user (and so gives me his turns face to faceevery other week before our regular gaming sessions), we will have only one or two turns per month. It will work like this: I post a turn or turn reply, you comment on it in character. It’s fun, it’s easy, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, we’ll eat cake:)

4: The character creation turn will be coming up tonight or tomorrow.

And now, I’m off to save the human race from certain doom!

Ha Ha…just fuckin’ with ya. Like I’d waste my time saving the human race:)


…What Would Porky Pig Do?

Ok, I’ll post this one last time before I send out the Big Email Package and officially start the game.


I’m looking for 3 or 4 new players. You’ll be playing the mayor of a small village (this part is basically a Sim City type game) AND an adventurer/explorer in the above mentioned RPG. I’d love to say we’ll have 2 turns per month, but most likely it will be 1 turn per month. Right now, I’m thinking 1 turn = 1 month of game time, but that could change.

And yes, this IS a Play By Email Game. If you are interested in playing, let me know.

Now, I’m outta here to earn my daily wage…plus tips and gas reimbursment:)

Chasing Down The Worst Nightmares

…and killing them

Miles Walked Tonight: 1.7 miles in 25 minutes


Aaargh! I meant to have the first email for the World Building Game out today, but it’s not ready yet. Soon tho, very soon.

I know many people are really looking forward to Superman Returns, but I’m not one of them. I’ve seen the trailers and read stuff about it and it just does not seem to push my fanboy buttons.

On the other hand, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest, is right at the top of my summer movie list.

Hearing my gaming industry/hobby friends talking about going to Origins is making me REEEEEEALLY want to go to a gaming con. Alas, this will not happen until next February and DunDraCon, mostly due to lack of $$ now and the Hawaiian Anniversary Vacation (which, I’ve been reminded, will actually be our 10 years delayed honeymoon) in October.

Damn…here it is, nearly 11:30 at night and I’m jonesing bad for enchiladas. Cheese enchiladas…altho chicken or pork would be fine, too. *SIGH* I guess I’ll just drink a glass of milk instead.

Time for milk drinking, then bed. More blogblog tomorrow.

Squid And Strawberry Pie

…that’s just wrong

Miles Walked On Saturday: 1.1 in 16 minutes
Miles Walked On Sunday: 1.3 in 21 minutes (I was a a bit tired from gardening)

We didn’t do much of an exciting nature this weekend, unless you call changing a flat tire exciting…and if you do, that’s just fuckin’ sad. Mostly, it was business as usual here at the House of Cross…garden, cook, shop a bit, eat, watch some tv, sweat like a pig whenever we went outside (which in my case was often and in Grace’s case was seldom) and generally be middle class suburbanites (or as close to that as we can ever come…which really isn’t all that close).

And now, I must leave early for work, due to having missions both mundane and fantastic before I hit the pizza mines.