Never Grab A Squirrel’s Nuts

…and never mess with a rabbit’s hole

Not A Real Timeline Of My Life: Part 5

(Condensed for faster reading)

November, 1965 – May, 1966: First term at Hobarts goes well, with a mere 18 detentions, 6 restrictions to campus, 2 international incidents and 1 small riot.

Summer, 1966: Generally a good summer, except for the onset of puberty.

September, 1966 – May, 1967: Second term at Hobarts, which is held at the Austin Campus in the Republic of Texas. Doc has a much better year, despite requiring monthly shipments of new clothes to accomodate his rapidly growing body. High points are: avoiding blame for a cattle stampede through the campus, saving the life of a Texas Ranger, trying to explain to avylou that she will not die from the heat, learning to drive and make proper chili and discovering that the opposite sex has gotten a damn sight more interesting since first term.

Summer, 1967: No information for this summer is available due to the Imperial Secrets Act.

September, 1967 – May 1968: Third term at Hobarts, held at the Vancouver, British Columbia, campus (which is actually located many miles away, out in the woods). Since third year (and above) students are allowed pets, Doc attempts to bring Sniffy, the 3,000 pound giant Californian Grizzly Bear (which his family raised from an orphan cub). This plan is quickly shut down by both the school and his parents. Instead, he brings his basset hound Sam. At the end of the school year, Sam gets honored for being well behaved. Doc gets investigated by the RCMP.

Summer, 1968: Since the fourth term at Hobarts is going to be held at the San Francisco Campus, avylou comes out to Northern California a month early and stays at the Cross family ranch. Years later, she will write that “even among the many strange, exotic and interesting people of the Bear Flag Empire, the Cross family stood out like a whore in church”. Oddly, most family members would recite that quote with pride.

To be continued…


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