Aw, Damn, I Thought You Said It Was The Number Of The BREAST

…a bit of 6-6-06 humor there:)

Not A Real Timeline Of My Life: Part 7

September, 1970 to May, 1971: Shortly before his sixth term at Hobarts begins, Doc and several friends attend the World Science Fiction Convention in San Diego. While there, they play and then purchase a new kind of game…a “roleplaying” game…called Swords & Sorcery. Written by a group of young sci-fi/fantasy fans (one of whome is Steve Jackson), it will, in the words of Chemistry Professor Wilson ” infect Hobarts like some terrible virus” and go on to become popular worldwide. (Note: Yes, folks, no D&D in this world)

This year, the students from all three of Hobarts campuses (it runs them at different campuses most years) are combined for the “Outside North America Year” at the massive London Campus. Amazingly, Doc manages to stay out of trouble for pretty much the entire year. This can be attributed to his meeting and “falling all goofy in love with” his future wife, Grace.

Summer, 1971: Records of this time period were sealed by the United Nations.

To Be Continued…