Squid And Strawberry Pie

…that’s just wrong

Miles Walked On Saturday: 1.1 in 16 minutes
Miles Walked On Sunday: 1.3 in 21 minutes (I was a a bit tired from gardening)

We didn’t do much of an exciting nature this weekend, unless you call changing a flat tire exciting…and if you do, that’s just fuckin’ sad. Mostly, it was business as usual here at the House of Cross…garden, cook, shop a bit, eat, watch some tv, sweat like a pig whenever we went outside (which in my case was often and in Grace’s case was seldom) and generally be middle class suburbanites (or as close to that as we can ever come…which really isn’t all that close).

And now, I must leave early for work, due to having missions both mundane and fantastic before I hit the pizza mines.


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