…What Would Porky Pig Do?

Ok, I’ll post this one last time before I send out the Big Email Package and officially start the game.


I’m looking for 3 or 4 new players. You’ll be playing the mayor of a small village (this part is basically a Sim City type game) AND an adventurer/explorer in the above mentioned RPG. I’d love to say we’ll have 2 turns per month, but most likely it will be 1 turn per month. Right now, I’m thinking 1 turn = 1 month of game time, but that could change.

And yes, this IS a Play By Email Game. If you are interested in playing, let me know.

Now, I’m outta here to earn my daily wage…plus tips and gas reimbursment:)


5 comments on “WWPPD?

  1. mnemex says:

    Sure, sign me up.

  2. doc_mystery says:

    One turn per mo may be doable…

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