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Miles Walked Last Night: 1.8 in 35 minutes 

The World Building Game Begins Now! 

A Quick History 

5 Years after Part One: There is peace in your lands. Prosperity and advancements in all fields have continued smoothly. Exploration continues, with several new races and civilizations being met or, in some cases, discovered and then avoided. Chief among this last group are the Horsefolk of Jao. These consummate mounted warriors are hungry for conquest and not very friendly towards outlanders.

10 Years after Part One: War has come to the continent of Calandria! After nearly 200 years of not knowing each other existed here, the Empire of Zhanya and the Horsefolk of Jao have found out the truth. Ancient enemies for 500 years before the Shaman King sent them to opposite ends of Calandria, both civilizations are on the march towards a final battle…and most of the other civilizations on Calandria will be caught in the middle.

30 Years after Part One: The 20 year long war between Zhanya and Jao is over, finally brought to an end by both magic and a huge army assembled by many other cultures. The aftermath, however, is terrible. Hundreds of thousands dead…the lands and creatures in many areas destroyed or mutated by magical energies…starvation and disease in some areas….but, rebuilding has begun. In time, things will return to normal.

40 Years after Part One: In the last 10 years, much rebuilding has gone on. Everywhere, things improve steadily. And yet, mages and scholars warn their leaders that something is “not right” with the land and its people…there are “disturbing signs and portents”. The leaders ask for more concrete answers, but the scholars and mages and even the holy folk can give no answers…yet.

43 Years after Part One: The mystery has been revealed! The Shaman King and his arch-rival, The Witch Queen have been playing a great game using the people of Calandria as their pawns. Wars, battles, plagues, natural disasters…all have been used as moves in this great game. The worst, however, has yet to come…unless a way can be found to stop them. Most civilizations begin sending out exploring teams to go thru ancient ruins and other places of mystery, hoping to find magical artifacts they can use. As well, they command their wizards to begin working on magical spells of great power, so that the machinations of the Shaman King and Witch Queen can be foiled.

50 Years after Part One: The evil King and Queen have discovered your attempts to thwart them. Accompanied by armies of beastmen and the undead, they leave the Homeland on an armada of warships, with their destination being Calandria. Thus begins the Dark War.

98 Years after Part One: The Dark War raged for 48 years, culminating (in the final two years) with the Manastorm, a continent spanning magical storm that altered the very shape of Calandria and left it a new and very dangerous land for over a century (referred to as the Wild Time). In the end, the Shaman King and the Witch Queen, along with most (but not all) of their minions, were destroyed. Unfortunately, some of the cultures and races of Calandria were destroyed with them. Others were reduced to much smaller populations, often in a more primitive state. A few cultures (including yours) survived mostly intact. This was generally accomplished by either leaving Calandria for offshore islands or by retreating to very remote locations on the continent that could be magically sealed…although, in one case, a culture seems to have caused a chunk of its lands to become a floating island.

99 to 225 Years after Part One: This is the Wild Time. Most of the civilizations that remained intact are keeping a very low profile…slow population growth…almost no magical use, due mostly to the vast numbers of mages who died in the Dark War, as well as the profound decrease in mana worldwide…virtually no exploration beyond a very few brave souls who dared to visit the coasts of Calandria. This was a time of inward healing and forming newer and better cultural ways.

226-266 Years after Part One: In recent decades, it would seem that things on Calandria have quieted down. Nature has healed and remade the land. It just may be time for coming out of hiding and doing a bit of exploring in this new land. But first, a small village or two must be established on the coasts (or possibly a bit further inland), as a base of operations. And that, Dear Players, is where you come in…

 More info next post. Character creation will begin after July 4th.