She Moved Like A Panther

…and she was getting ready to pounce

More World Building Game Info

How Turns Work In The “Mayor Game”… 

It’s really simple: First, you get a letter from your City Council (played by me) that contains news, requests, complaints, ideas, suggestions, etc….THEN (in the form of a letter) you tell your Council members how to implement solutions/solve problems/what you think of their ideas or suggestions/etc. This happens once a month (real time) and I will do the turns over the course of 6 days, one player each day. I’ll answer the turns within a day or so of getting the first one.

You will, once in awhile, get a letter from your King/Queen back home. Deal with their letters the same way you deal with those of your City Council.

How Turns Work In The “Adventurer Game”… 

Pretty simple here (and rather episodic)…I’ll describe a scene, then you will tell me what your character does next. Pretty much like most RPG sessions, but with no die rolling and in slow motion:) Your replies can be detailed, with several options, but don’t go writing War And Peace. Keep it of moderate length.

BTW, you CAN discuss the turn with your fellow adventurers (via email), so you are all working in synch. The exception to the email rule is my friend, Arn, who does not (and will never) own a computer. Arn comes to my house to game and will do his turns here, then I will transcribe them onto my LJ.

NOTE: The adventuring party will have 2 NPC characters travelling with them. They are non-combatants and will generally “wait outside with the horses” when you go into a ruin/dungeon/scary place. They WILL do your cooking, repair things (as best they can), doctor your wounds, tend the horses and generally fetch and carry.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask ’em! More World Building Game stuff soon.


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