The Adventures Of Sally Smithfield, Girl Inventor

…and her incredible flying car, Betsy

To My Dear Friend Avis Crane On Her Birthday

If we are lucky in our lives, we get to have at least one friend to whom we can reveal all about ourselves without fear of being judged. They will take you as you are, the Good the Bad and the Ugly and still be your friend.

That would be you and I am glad it is.

So, on your 52nd birthday, I just want to say that no matter how many realities we know each other in, you are still a hell of a dame.

Even if you are The Anti-Doc:)

Happy Birthday!

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn…No, Wait, I AM Bad

…bad to the bone

Miles Walked Last Night: None, because work kicked my ass and made me it’s bitch 

Doc Update #4,982, 351

I’m taking a break from my weekend garden chores due to Grace’s fanciful notion that working more than an hour in this triple digit heat might adversely affect my health and my ability to cook up curry for dinner tomorrow. Since I long ago learned that “Yes, Dear, of course you are right” is the best thing a married man can say in most situations, I’m now in the house. 

It’s a pretty mellow weekend here…not enough money to get into trouble and My Sweet Angel is nowhere as heat tolerant as I am. Our biggest adventure so far today was going to buy herbs, spices and tea at the Farmers Market in Roseville. I got gunpowder tea and some yerba mate, plus coriander, dill seed and garlic granules.

I’ve done a bit of writing on the two upcoming games and there will be emails going out to players soon. I’ve also been messing with some potential Pro Writing, but I’m not ready to discuss it yet.

Gotta go water Garden Plot Y63-A. More bloggerel later.

Doc Tempest And The Laughing Devil

…from the December 1941 issue

Oh, Look, A Meme!

It works this way: You can ask me ONE question…ANY question…and I will answer it with total honesty. However, in return, I get to ask YOU a question…ANY question…which you must answer with total honesty.

Let the inquisition begin:)

Face Eating Zombie Goats

…run away!

Miles Walked Last Night: 1.8 miles (didn’t time it)
Miles Walked Tonight: 2.5 miles in 45 minutes (that last half mile uphill was a motherfucker)

Movie Stuff

Watched another 6 episodes of The Slayers last night and it was more good fun with that wacky Lena Inverse and her pals. I have 2 more discs to go in the series, then I believe I have some Doctor Who coming up.

Tonight, we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which is not only pretty funny and full of gunplay, but will absolutely put any arguments you’ve ever had with your spouse into a whole new light. And yes, there IS make up sex…but after what they go thru, I don’t see how they could manage it.

And now I’m off to bed.

Here…Hold This Anvil

…while I grease up the bowling balls

Miles Walked Tonight: 1.9 miles in 32 minutes

One of the good things about Netflix is that we can catch up on movies we never went to see in the theatres (like Madagascar, which we saw tonight) or anime we never got to see all of at cons (like tomorrow nights viewing of The Slayers) or old movies that we haven’t seen in ages (in my case, that will be an upcoming viewing of the Joe Cocker rockumentary Mad Dogs & Englishmen). Still, I only have about 32 titles on my queue, while Grace has almost 350 on hers. I reckon I’ll have to try harder.

By the way, Madagascar was not bad. Not great, but not shitty.

And now, Gentle Reader, I am off to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream…

Bucky & Squint Buy A Duck

…but he doesn’t say “AFLACK”

Miles Walked Last Night: 1 mile in 15 minutes (cos I stopped to watch a skunk eat cat food on a porch)

Total Miles Walked Last Week: 7.8 miles over 5 days

So, as you can see, the walking goes well. Hopefully, once I get some new walking shoes, I can get back up to 3-5 miles per day (well, night, actually).

In other news, the prep for the World Building Game is about 75% done and I have 4 players now. I can still use a couple more players. The game will start in mid-July.

Prep for my face to face game, The Adventures of Zora, are about 50% completed. I need to connect with my players and find out what kind of characters they want to play. This is gonna be a slambang swashbuckling pulp fantasy adventure with a breakneck pace and…every session will end with a cliffhanger! Bot Howdy, this one is gonna be fun.

And yes, I’ll be writing reports on the face to face game here in my little LJ:)

In health news, Grace and I are doing well. She has been losing some weight and her mineral/diet/herbal treatment of her diabetes seems to be working. (Note: Grace is a Type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetic) As foe me,  I’m almost done with my yearly course of UVB treatment for my psoriasis. Other than that and the odd allergic reaction to various stuff in the air, I’m pretty fuckin’ healthy.

As for the weather hereabouts, it’ll hit about 98 today and then go triple digits tomorrow, getting up in the 104-105 area by Friday. Summer is here, baby!

And now, I’m off to work.