Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Vanished Vulcan

…Holmes meets Trek, baby

Le Hot Updatage

1: We went to see “Monster House” yesterday. Good  flick. Excellent CGI animation…nice scares…plenty of laughs…a fairly touching ending. Two thumbs up.

2: Bought a bunch of Oolong tea, as well as some Yerba Mate, yesterday. Yum Yum.

3: We paid for our October vacation to Hawaii. There will still be some incidental taxes and such, but the airfare, hotels and rental cars are a done deal. We leave on Oct. 2nd and return on Oct. 9th, no doubt rested and relaxed and full up of great food. Oh, and probably packing a ton of pictures and video footage.

4: I ran the second episode of “The Adventures Of Zora” today for our gaming group. It was, as expected, action packed. There were killer skeletons, annoying homonculi, rather innocuous zombies, a deranged lich, a giant badger, a collapsing castle, cute little flying squirrel people, a strange fog and deadly ambulatory trees. A good time was had by all. Well, all except the deranged lich.

5: We watched a classic Doctor Who story, “The Talons of Weng Chiang”. Grace had never seen any classic Who and she liked it just fine. I have a few more discs of Whovian goodness on my Netflix queue, so she’ll get to see more Tom Baker, as well as several of the other Doctors.

6: Got an email from a fellow who is running a Toon LARP at GenCon this year. He wanted my advice, which I happily shared. If yer gonna be at the con and yer interested in Toon silliness, check it out.

And now, curry, Cherokee Purple tomatoes and chocolate cupcackes.

Synthetic Blue Watermelon

…tastes like chicken

So, Grace and I have been watching “Dead Like Me” on Sci Fi. It’s a fun show and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d really enjoy being a Grim Reaper. I think I’d specialize in taking the souls of extreme right wingers and big business scumbags. I’d leave the souls in the bodies for awhile, since according to the show’s mythology that would mean they would be aware of their death (and susequent autopsy) and I could get the pleasure of starting them off on the road to Hell in a most terrifying way. Gee, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it:)

Spider Monkey Serenade

…in three part harmony

Kingdom Building Game News

By now, all of you players have gotten your Secret Mayoral Orders. Nothing like the GM throwing a spanner in the works, eh? I eagerly await your turn replies…and any private emails you may care to send:)

The Corps of Discovery portion of the game is being tinkered with and I’ll get y’all started on creating your characters soon.

Other News/Random Thoughts

Regarding the financial woes here at Chez Cross: We have entered the light at the end of the tunnel and DAMN, is it great. Fuck you, late bills! FUCK YOU, credit cards!

The whole Mid-East mess: This may well mark me as a heartless motherfucker, but I DON’T FUCKING CARE! Those assholes have been fighting among themselves over everything from waterholes to which splinter of lsam is the holiest for thousands of years. Having Israel to focus on is just the latest target (and even then, they still fight amongst themselves). If it weren’t for oil, the western nations wouldn’t wipe their asses with that part of the world. So no, I just cannot muster up a bit of caring for the latest shitstorm.

All the religious nuts who are gearing up for the apocalypse: …just like they did before Y2K…and during the first Gulf War…and Vietnam…and Korea…and WWII…and WWI…and every other war…and every time a fundy preacher feels like stirring his flock up a bit.  YAWN! Tell me again how religion is not just as addictive and mind fucking as heroin or crack or meth.

The garden: Ok, it’s time to pull up the squash plants in the garden. They’ve done very well and Grace and I are squashified until next spring/summer.

GenCon 2007 Madness: My Sweet Little Green Beans With Bacon Of Love and I have decided to take a more scenic route to GenCon next year (for our Triumphant Return To GenCon U.S. Tour), so we’ll be going TO the con via Route 66 (or those roadways that have replaced it). It only takes a day longer that driving on interstate 80 and there are MANY more places to camp, things to see, yummy food joints, etc. So, our trip(from start to finish) will include, in order: most of California, Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, the Idaho panhandle, Washington, Oregon, and the rest of California. Just shy of 6,000 miles and all in about 17 days…and about $3,500. Which is a bit more than our week in Hawaii this October will cost us. 2008 is still a toss up:) Could be GenCon again, could be someplace outside the U.S.

GenCon SoCal this November: I am VERY tentatively considering going. Money will be factor, but not hugely so. More on this AFTER I get back from Hawaii in early October.

And now, work beckons. I’m outta here.

Large Evil Worms

…Eeeevil, I tell ya

Well, sir, it was hot here in the Big Tomato today…109…and pretty humid. I was able to work about 30 minutes at a time in the garden before the sweat running into my eyes blinded me. Then,  I’d come inside and wash my face off and cool down before going out again. I reckon I drank about 5 gallons of water today. I was working in shorts and shoes and nothing else…and I have not a trace of sunburn. Given that I’m an ivory skinned redhead, that’s pretty odd. Good, but odd.

And the tv weather dude just said it will hit 108 tomorrow. Oh well, could be worse…today it was 113 in Stockton (a bit south of here, where I was born) and 111 in Marysville (a bit north of here, where I grew up).

I won’t be gardening so much tomorrow, mostly due to having to process all the veggies we picked today. aditionally, I’ve got mucho writing and creative stuff to do.

And now, to bed. 


Seriously Tripped Up By A Pair Of Big Blue Eyes

…dames…what ya gonna do?

Hey, World Building Game Players, here are your General Orders!

Mayoral Duty Orders

Effective Immediately


My Friend,


It is with great pleasure and the utmost confidence in your abilities that I now write these orders that officially begin your tenure as Mayor of our new mainland outpost. Our fellow citizens and our allies in other countries share my feelings, you can be sure. The hard work of all of the First Settlers will be a source of pride to us for many generations to come.


As you know, the chosen area was scouted remotely by our Master Wizards. Using a variety of devices, they have found you a place far from home that should be ideal for farming and building a village. In addition, you have plenty of water, nearby forests and a lack of any dangerous peoples or animals nearby.


You are lucky in that your village and the surrounding farmlands have been started for you, once again via the talents of our Wizards. This should give you a good head start on things. I have included a map of the village and surrounding area with these orders. And now, on to your General Orders.


1: Your primary mission is to establish a self supporting colony that will be, in no less than 1 and no more than 2 years, capable of supporting the initial settlers AND 100 new settlers. After that, you should expect a minimum of 100 new settlers per year.


2: Once you have achieved self sufficiency, you shall begin working towards establishing a surplus of good for trade with us here at home, as well as with our allies.


3: You will seek out valuable resources and exploit them for both the benefit of your colony and trade with others. This shall include, but by no means be limited to, minerals, wildlife, forest products, plant life, sources of mana and ancient artifacts.


4: You will, as you see fit, establish both outlying hamlets and military outposts.


5: You will, as time and resources permit. do cursory exploration of the wilderness around your village. However, any in depth explorations will be done by either a Scout Force detachment or by the Corps of Discovery (if they are nearby at the time).


6: You will assign people to catalog and get samples of the geology, plants and animals in the area.


7: You will act as a Diplomat in any peaceful encounters with new civilizations. In less peaceful encounters, you shall consult with your Military Commander on an appropriate course of action.


8: You will, at all times, act as an Agent of your Homeland and it’s People and Ruler.


So there you are. I rather envy you this new adventure. Go forth and prosper, my friend.

Ok, there ya go. If you have any questions, ask me. You will each get some orders specific to your Mayor…along with the above mentioned map…in a day or so.

As far as your first turn goes, You will simply write a letter to your Ruler telling him/her what each group of people (Farmers, Teachers, Military, etc) are doing for the next month. You need not go into alot of detail if it’s not really necessary. For example, Teachers will pretty much teach most of the time, so you’d just say something like “Our teachers continue to do an excellent job” or somesuch. If the Teachers do something else, like help catalog animals and plants, you can note that.

You have THREE WEEKS from today to get your reply back to me. Take your time and think things out…and have fun.

Building A BattleMech Out Of Tinker Toys

…you need lots of the long green ones

Well, Gentle Readers, last night My Sweet Little Pad Thai Of Sweetness and I went to see “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest”. We agreed that it was not quite as good as the first one, but still much good cinematic fun. We also agreed that the critics who panned it as “confusing” would probably do well to stay away from shiny objects.

It will be pretty warm here tomorrow…about 107…so I’ll only work in the garden for a couple of hours, then lay out in the sun for an hour or so (sunlight helps ward off my psoriasis). After that, I reckon I’ll work on some gaming related stuff for the rest of the day.

The G4 cable channel just had a 2 hour show live from San Diego Comic Con. There was maybe 30 minutes of stuff that anyone might give a damn about, plus 90 minutes of crap.

Time for me to go get some hot cocoa. More bloggage later.

The Kitty Cats Study Magic

…the first spell they learned was “Summon Tuna”

Veggie Time At Le Chateau Cross

A quick look in the freezer and on the kitchen counter shows that we have about 15 pounds of summer squash frozen or fresh, about 8 pounds of green beans, near 2 quarts of pesto, assorted drying herbs and a few tomatos and cucumbers. Many more tomatos, as well as chilis and melons, will ripen soon. This will mean lots of tomato sauce and chili powder. In fact, we’re gonna have more frozen goodies than our fridge will hold…so I’m buying a small freezer from my mom next week.

There are winter squash (about 20 pounds worth) in the garden. They’ll get picked and processed this weekend, then I’ll pull up the plants to make way for part of the winter veggie garden (spinach, peas, lettuce). This is a yummy time of the year:)

And the two zuchinni plants (one green, one yellow) are just now getting started:)

Doc Tempest And The Stairway To Heaven

…from the July 2008 issue

Ok, World Building Game players, I’ll have Mayoral Orders posted in a day or so. You will have up to 3 weeks to reply. No need to hurry. The Corps of Discovery portion of the game will start next week.

Grace and I have made a decision about our 2007 GenCon trip that, while sure to be fun, does border on madness a bit. More on that later.

Gotta go to bed now. More stuff later.

Strangeness, Love, Tears & Flowers

…dangerous days, wonderful hours

Doc Update

1: It took a friggin’ day and a half, but I dodged the “serving on a jury” bullet. Hopefully, it will be at least a couple of years before they try calling me up again.

2: Now that I have my life back, I’ll resume working on the first turn of the Mayor half of the World Building Game. By the way, doc_mystery, you still owe me your population report.

3: Speaking of gaming, the first episode of The Adventures of Zora went very well indeed. It was mostly all about creating characters and they created 4 dandy swashbuckling pirates. Grace is playing Captain Zora, queen of the pirates and runaway princess. Samantha is playing Esmerelda, Zora’s cousin and a trained healer/mage who ran off to be a pirate, too. Arn is playing Mr. Timmins, first mate on Zora’s ship, The Sea Witch. Paul is playing “Mad” Rodney McCain, a short prettyboy of a man whose skill and apparent insanity in battle make him one of the most feared pirates on the high seas. After the characters were done (using a sort of half assed version of True20), I started them on their long and action packed adventure…and ended the session with a cliffhanger:) Fun was had by all.

4: Watched the premiere of “Eureka” on Sci Fi channel. Not bad. I hope the series get a chance to grow a bit before they think of cancelling it.

Now, time for bed.

Pre-emptive Stroke

…it’s part of the bonobo way of life:)

So, it’s nearly 6:30 in the morning, I’ve been up for over an hour, it’s gonna be about 105 today (and will remain in the 100’s all week, thus thermally beating the fuck out of my poor garden) and where do I have to be at 8:00 AM? Fucking jury duty! A pointless waste of my time and loss of my wages since, by noon at the latest they will have disqualified me from serving on any jury. Money lost, hours from my life gone forever, gas used up…FUCK!

I’ve got to remember to UNregister to vote.

Bucky & Squint Hit The Road

…at some point, the road will hit back

The Day Ahead

Unlike last Saturday, when my infected leg held me captive in a chair all day, today will be a day filled with much scurrying about. On the Big List Of Stuff To Do…

Help my Sweet Little Fresh Strawberry Parfait Of Love clean the house

Write up Mayoral Orders and finish village maps for the WBG

Water the garden good and deeply, since today and the next few days will see 100+ temperatures.

Finish my prep work for tomorrows Game Day

Look at the garage, think about cleaning it, consider the heat of the day, say “screw it” until cooler Fall temps arrive.

Move some items into the Room of Doom

Cook dinner.

Pick any ripe veggies.

Make sun tea

My my…Uncle Doc had better get busy. More bloggage later.

Five Thousand Angry Canaries

…and one rather miffed barnacle goose

Just back from the garden with more green beans, more basil, more summer squash and a couple of smallish Flamme’ tomatos. Pulled up two of the purple bush beans, since they weren’t producing anymore. I’ll plant a few more this weekend.

The new face to face RPG will start this Sunday. Hopefully, things will go smoothly.

My leg is almost healed, tho I’ll still be on the antibiotics until they run out on Monday.

So far, it’s 3 episodes into the new “Blade” tv series and it is not too sucky. Not great, but not terrible. The guy playing Blade is perhaps the weakest part of the whole deal.

And now, I must go and do things related to the storing of vegetables.

Riding A Harley Through The Dreamtime

…alone, cos this bike ain’t got a p pad.

World Bulding Game Update

mnemex snoozed and lost on getting info to me, so the entire Kartanian civilization was destroyed in a single night by the Evil Duck Brotherhood.

So, to my remaining 5 players…

smalley_smoot and doc_mystery still need to get their village population info in. And do put the replies on the same post  as the other Mayors did, gentlemen.

First turn will start with a letter from your King/Queen/Whatever, with your basic orders. You will reply to it and that will be your first turn. Then, after a couple weeks, I’ll do Turn 2. With any luck, things will progress smoothly and fun will be had by all.

On Friday, I will post Arn’s Adventurer Profile, thus allowing the rest of you to see the format I want. I’ll expect your Adventurer Profiles by the following Friday.

I will send pictures (with explanitory text) of your starting Village to you as soon as I get done creating all of them with Campaign Cartographer. After that, I’ll only send you pix every 6 turns or so.

It should be noted that, while your military detachment can and should do some cursory exploration of the area near your village, any in depth exploration will need to be done using the Adventuring Party (henceforth known as the Corps of Discovery) from the Adventuring part of the game. Please do understand that the services of the Corps of Discovery might be a long time coming, what with then out in the Great Unknown most of the time.

As always, if you have any questions, ask away.

And now, since I haven’t posted any song lyrics in awhile, here is a tune by Jethro Tull (from the “Aqualung” album) that very nicely sums up my feelings on the scourge that is organized religion.


When I was young and they packed me off to school
and taught me how not to play the game,
I didn’t mind if they groomed me for success,
or if they said that I was a fool.
So I left there in the morning
with their God tucked underneath my arm —
their half-assed smiles and the book of rules.
So I asked this God a question
and by way of firm reply,
He said — I’m not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.
So to my old headmaster (and to anyone who cares):
before I’m through I’d like to say my prayers —
I don’t believe you:
you had the whole damn thing all wrong —
He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.
Well you can excomunicate me on my way to Sunday school
and have all the bishops harmonize these lines —
how do you dare tell me that I’m my Father’s son
when that was just an accident of Birth.
I’d rather look around me — compose a better song
`cos that’s the honest measure of my worth.
In your pomp and all your glory you’re a poorer man than me,
as you lick the boots of death born out of fear.
I don’t believe you:
you had the whole damn thing all wrong —
He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.

Harry Potter And The Vibrating Broomstick

…Hermione stole it from him.

Doc Update

My leg infection is responding well to the antibiotics and all the resting I’ve been doing, so I’m back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my nightly walks by next weekend.

Picked the first of this years tomatoes, an orange hued smallish tomato variety called “Flamme”. Pretty tasty, more like a cherry tomato than a regular slicer.

The Mayoral part of the World Building Game will have it’s first for real turn in a few days. I’ll also send each Mayor a picture of the initial layout of their village. And speaking of those rascally Mayors…

MAYORS: Your village starts with 100 people…total…that includes children and soldiers. You must now tell me how many people work in how many professions. Generally, children are assumed to help in the family business, including the military (altho, of course, not as fighters). To help you out, here are Arn’s answers for the Village of Riverside.

Mayor Guy Martin: Village Population

25 Soldiers (1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 16 Privates) 


30 Farmers (8 families)


2 Mages (1 Master Wizard, 1 Apprentice)


4 Blacksmiths/Engineers (1 family


2 Healers (husband & wife)


4 Millers (1 family)


10 Builders (3 families)


3 Hunters/Fishermen (father, 2 sons)


9 Craftsmen (1 family of 4, 2 single women, 3 single men)


2 Teachers (husband & wife)


1 Priestess (widow)


1 Mayor (Guy Martin, who is also head of one of the farming families)


3 Brewers/Vintners (husband, wife, nephew)


4 Loggers/Lumbermen (1 family)

My Happy Place Has Been Closed Down

…now, I’m in my angry place

FUCK! I’m bored!!!
I’m tired of sitting in this chair with my leg propped up!!!
I’m tired of being in bed with my leg propped up!!!
I’m tired of having to have Grace fetch things for me!!!
I’m pissed that I’m gonna miss work tomorrow cos I’m sick AND miss it next Monday because of fucking JURY DUTY!!!
I’m pissed that I can’t tend my garden!!!

I’m not in a good mood.

The Light Blue Negligee Of Doom

…and other spicy stories

Doc Update

Hey, kids, remember how I said in my last post that I hadn’t walked on Thursday night because of a sore ankle? Well, it turns out that it was a recurrence of my cellulitis. So now, my infected leg and I are forced to sit around the house, take regular doses of antibiotics and generally be grumpy.

On the good side, I caught this attack VERY early on…earlier than any previous episode…AND it’s the first incidence of cellulitis that I’ve had since the ill fated GenCon 2004 trip, 23 months ago. Hopefully, I’ll be back on my feet in 2-3 days.

World Building Game Stuff

Regarding magic: For many centuries, the only way to use magic was via enchanted items. Items had to be made and enchanted inside strange pyramid shaped magic shrines that dotted the countryside. Once completed, the magical item, be it a ring, sword, plow or self propelled wagon, could be used out in the wider world.

But since the Dark War…and especially since the ManaStorm…the few mages left in the world have found that they can channel magic directly through their bodies. This is risky and unpredictable, especially at medium to high levels, but low level spells are much more stable. Over the last 20 years, the Society of Wizards (who, despite being thinly spread out over Calandria and its surrounding islands, manage to communicate via Varralonese Comm Crystals) has compiled a  list of various spells and how they are cast. The training of Apprentice Wizards has also been stepped up.

How does this affect the Mayor and Adventurer games? Well, in the Mayor game, your village will have one Master Wizard and one Apprentice Wizard. Guard them well, since they would be damn near impossible to replace. In the Adventurer game, if you choose to be a Wizard, I will give you a list if spells from which you will choose 7 that you can cast. I’ll also let you have 3 magic items.

Any questions?

Fried Seaweed Sandwich

…with extra mayo

Miles Walked On Thursday: None, due to a sore ankle and the garden needing my attention.

Note to the Players in the World Building Game: If you have not answered the Mayor questionaire, please do it by Monday. Failure to do so will result in a severe beating:)

BTW, the Adventurer questionaire will go up about Wednesday.

Ok, so yesterday I mentioned 365 Days, 365 Characters. Allow me to expand upon this…

My plan is to start creating a rules systemless character a day, every day, for a year. I’ll start in August, exactly one year before Grace and I intend to start our driving trip to GenCon 2007, and I’ll post the last character the night before we leave. I will take reasonable requests for character types…and they don’t have to be archetypal RPG characters, either. I already have ideas for (among others): a working mom who has a single superpower…an animal cop (as in, he’s a rabbit)…the only sentient robot on Earth…a guy who runs a hotdog cart in a city full of superheroes/villains…and a bunch more. As I said yesterday, we’ll see if I can do this for a whole year. Oh, yeah…you will almost certainly see some characters who are based on (and have the same name as) real life people…including my family, friends and me. Well, assuming they give me their OK,

In gardening news, I am finally seeing an orange/red blush on some tomatoes! YAY! Soon, the BLTs and tomato sauce and fresh tomatoes will be a daily joy here at Castle Cross.

And now, off to work for me.

Walking My Pet Ankylosaurus

…pray that he doesn’t start wagging his tail

It has come to my attention that James Wallis, a fine fellow and close personal friend of Baron Munchausen, has started a blog about his upcoming charity trek across the British landscape. Clicking the link can only bring you enlightenment and amusement, so you should do it.

In other news, with the start of the World Building Game and the upcoming start of The Adventures of Zora, I seem to be hip deep in roleplaying goodness. However, not content with that, I am formulating a plan to put myself neck deep in roleplaying goodness.

“How so?”, you ask with mixed fear and curiosity.

To which I, obviously having descended into madness, reply… “365 Days, 365 characters!” (insert deranged laughter here) 

More later.

Mrs. Wangdoodle And Her Trained Hedgehogs

…they sing, they dance, they delight the children 

Miles Walked On Tuesday: 2.3 miles in 28 minutes
Miles Walked Tonight: 2.5 miles in 35 minutes 

To The Players In The WBG…

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Long Bay, by Queen Dianthus of Chantapho-By-The-Sea.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Blue Meadow, by High Governor Bolo Lightfoot of Hobbit Island.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Tazeem, by Sultan Kasimir of Suraq.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Riverside, by King Brant of New Varralon.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Twelve Trees, by Queen Elspeth of Kartania.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of White Rock, by King Wulfgar of The Kjodervolk.

And now, please reply to…

The Village Mayor Questionaire

1: Are you male or female?

2: What is your name?

3: What is your age?

4: Are you married?

5: Do you have any children? If so, how many and what are their ages?

6: Before being appointed to the post of Mayor to this new settlement, where you a member of the Military or the Government and what rank/title did you have?

7: Give a short physical description of yourself.

8: Give a short personality description of yourself.

9: List any special skills or talents you possess.

10: Before your initial settlers are a assigned to you, please state what percentage of them make up your military detachment.

Note: Your starting village will be big enough to comfortably house 200 people (although you’ll start with fewer than that), with farm plots/pastures located outside the village walls. Do you wish your village walls to be laid out in a square or circular shape?

The Man With The Golden Blog

…kiss kiss, bang bang

Who Will Be Playing Whom In The World Building Game

Ok, Players, here are the cultures you will be playing in the Village portion of the game.

antiwesley will be playing the Hobbits
mnemex will be playing the Kartanians
doc_mystery will be playing the Suraqi
smalley_smoot will be playing the Chantaphoans
unclelumpy will be playing the Kjodervolk
Arn will be playing the Varralonese

The Mayor questionaire goes up tonight.

Got questions? Ask me.

Live And Let Blog

…ya gotta give the other fella hell

Miles Walked On Saturday: 1.4 miles
Miles Walked On Sunday: 3.7 miles
Miles Walked On Monday: 2.6

World Building Game: PC Cultures, Part 2

The Suraqi: The Suraqi people were transported to Calandria from their homeworld many hundreds of years ago. In fact, their central homeland, the Al Kaziri Hills, was transported with them. The whole shebang appeared in the center of the Dune Sea, a broad expanse of trackless desert. The Suraqi people most resemble (physically as well as culturally) the Arabic people of our world, with two big exceptions: No Islam (instead, they worship the First Ancestors) and their society is matriarchal. Mages are relatively common in Suraqi society and most of them prefer to create items with strong elemental powers.

The Hobbit: Alone among all the nations of this world (and certainly all the nations on Calandria), the Hobbits are the sole form of a representative democracy. That said, your average Hobbit is still not much of a lover of politics. They consider it a necessary evil. What they do care about is farming, brewing, winemaking, crafts, cooking and generally enjoying the frruits of their labor. Hobbit wizards, of which there are quite a few, tend to create devices that protect, defend, mend or alter things. Culturally, Hobbits resemble the folks of rural England, with just a touch of Irish wit and American curiousity. One final note: Hobbits have a disproportianately high tolerance for alcohol. The odds of a human drinking a Hobbit under the table are slim indeed.

The Chantaphoans: Their homeland is called Chantapho-By-The-Sea and these people are first and foremost sailors. Culturally, they have the manners and attitude towards life of the Spanish mixed with the sense of duty and honor of the British. The Chantaphoans have the best educational system on Calandria, top notch medical care, are skilled breeders of animals and give great honor and rewards to their scientists. As for magic, the Chantaphoans, have relatively few wizards. Most magical devices are enchanted with elemental or divination spells. Their navy is the best in the world and they are very keen on exploring. Physically, they resemble Spaniards and other Latin people.

Bedtime now…more stuff later.


…No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to blog.

World Building Game: The PC Cultures

Here is a quick look at each of the cultures that will be played in the game, with references to the real world cultures they most resemble.

The Varralonese: Originally a farming society, the Varralonese culture underwent massive changes once they came to Calandria. While still for the most part remaining excellent farmers, they also became top notch explorers, developed a strong military and became the most magically powerful culture on the continent. However, the bulk of their magical creations fell into the realm of Tenchnomagic…the creation of useful machines or weapons that used magic to (at least in part)operate. The Varralonese are average sized folk of a generally western European appearence. The culture most resembles the United States, minus the arrogance and representative government.

The Kartanians: Before coming to Calandria, the Kartanians were a wandering folk, with clans of up to 1,500 people moving from one area to another. They would farm in one area for a generation or so, them perhaps move onto logging in another area, then working in a large city. Every 50 years, all Kartanians would gather at the Kartafest, where clans might increase, decrease or, rarely, break up and cease to exist. Kartanians are known to be hard working, honest and devoted to their families. Kartanians are fascinated by magic, most likely because they have almost no knack for it. A Kartanian wizard is a very rare thing. While they bear some similarities to Gypsies, the Kartanians also have much in common with the Japanese, who they physically resemble.

The Kjodervolk: If you think Vikings, you can pretty much picture the Kjodervolk. Big, fair haired and fair skinned, these folk are farmers, traders, warriors and sailors. Altho they are relatively new to the ways of magic, the Kjodervolk seem to learn it quickly…and then use it mostly to craft powerful magic weapons or armor. Kjodervolk culture is also known for its Trade Guilds, most of which are at least partially subsidised by the government and which hold competitions each year to find out who among them is the “best of the best”. Altho outsiders find them a bit rough and blunt spoken, the Kjodervolk are actually quite sophisticated in many respects, especially in art, music and drama.

Gotta go to bed…more culture stuff tomorrow

From Russia With Blog

…I have a license to thrill :)

Assorted Doc Thoughts About Stuff On What Has Turned Out To Be A Very Lazy Day

The Origins Awards: YAWN! Does anybody really give a fuck about them anymore? Certainly not any of the Game Industry folks I know. Of course, most of them no longer give a rats ass about GAMA, so their feelings about the awards are to be expected.

Superman Returns: I think I’ve figured out why I’m not interested in seeing this movie…I was never all that impressed by the original Chris Reeve version and the sequels. Thought Reeve was great as Supes, but was terribly dissapointed in the rest of the flick. IMO, from Hackman as Luthor to Kidder as Lane to the whole Krypton as a Crystal Palace thing to the inclusion of the enormously overrated Marlon Bando, it was just brimming with suckage. The second movie was a touch better (mostly because I got to see it for free) and I only saw the third flick because I was offered sexual favors IN ADVANCE. I didn’t see the fourth flick until it played on tv…and I was drunk when I saw it. Therefore, the new Superman flick has gone to my “see it on DVD” list.

Bonobos: Ok, so Grace and I were watching a show about animal politics and they had a bit about how bonobos (AKA Pygmy Chimps) solve all conflicts with sex…male/female…male/male…female/female…young/old…threesomes…group sex…you name it. Now, this was stuff I already knew, but then they showed two of them screwing FACE TO FACE in the good old heretofore exclusively human missionary position. They are the only other mammals on earth besides us that do that. I was amazed by that fact. Of course, the idea of using sex to solve all conflicts is actually a pretty attractive concept and seems to work damned well, so maybe the bonobos are more advanced than we are.

Summer Squash & Green Beans: As I anticipated, my squash plants are producing very well indeed. Not as fast or as voluminous as the up and coming zuchinnis, but enough so that our freezer is rapidly filling with ziplock bags of frozen squash. The green beans (some of which are purple…at least until you cook ’em) are also doing well. Soon, however, it will be time to terrorize the neighbors with gifts of squash:) Unless I just decide to rip up the plants and plant something else in their place. Oh, and my winter (Acorn) squash are producing well, tho they are not ripe yet. When they are ready to pick, they will last for months with no freezing, so I may not give any away.

Lazy Day: As I mentioned above, today is a pretty lazy day, which is kinda unusual for me, but this is that time of the year when there isn’t a whole helluva lot to do in the garden. Yeah, I could do some household chores, but Grace swayed me with her “Fuck the chores, we’ll do ’em tomorrow” logic. So, instead,  I slept in until 9…lounged around awhile while eating brekky and drinking my beloved morning tea (we loves it, my precious…it makes us able to think and wake up)…smooched My Sweet Little Shredded Pork Taco Of Cuteness…lounged around some more…went out and laid in the sun for about a half an hour at noon (good for my psoriasis)…watered garden beds X34-A and Beta47Charlie…came in and watched Sky High with Grace and now I’m blogging. Soon will come the dinner eating and then the walking.

Faery’s Tale: This is a new game coming from fireflygames and folks, it totally rocks! It’s all about the faery folk, both good and bad…AND it’s a great RPG for kids (and that means young kids) (and GIRL kids) and families. I played in a playtest session at Conquest Sac and it was fun and alot of laughs. It will premiere at GenCon. Go read all about it at the fireflygames LJ and the website 

Dinner: Mongo no want cook tonight…Mongo ask wife what we eat, then go get…Mongo buy a couple of beers for after dinner

More bloggage later…

Attack Of The Giant Otters

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