Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Vanished Vulcan

…Holmes meets Trek, baby

Le Hot Updatage

1: We went to see “Monster House” yesterday. Good  flick. Excellent CGI animation…nice scares…plenty of laughs…a fairly touching ending. Two thumbs up.

2: Bought a bunch of Oolong tea, as well as some Yerba Mate, yesterday. Yum Yum.

3: We paid for our October vacation to Hawaii. There will still be some incidental taxes and such, but the airfare, hotels and rental cars are a done deal. We leave on Oct. 2nd and return on Oct. 9th, no doubt rested and relaxed and full up of great food. Oh, and probably packing a ton of pictures and video footage.

4: I ran the second episode of “The Adventures Of Zora” today for our gaming group. It was, as expected, action packed. There were killer skeletons, annoying homonculi, rather innocuous zombies, a deranged lich, a giant badger, a collapsing castle, cute little flying squirrel people, a strange fog and deadly ambulatory trees. A good time was had by all. Well, all except the deranged lich.

5: We watched a classic Doctor Who story, “The Talons of Weng Chiang”. Grace had never seen any classic Who and she liked it just fine. I have a few more discs of Whovian goodness on my Netflix queue, so she’ll get to see more Tom Baker, as well as several of the other Doctors.

6: Got an email from a fellow who is running a Toon LARP at GenCon this year. He wanted my advice, which I happily shared. If yer gonna be at the con and yer interested in Toon silliness, check it out.

And now, curry, Cherokee Purple tomatoes and chocolate cupcackes.

Synthetic Blue Watermelon

…tastes like chicken

So, Grace and I have been watching “Dead Like Me” on Sci Fi. It’s a fun show and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d really enjoy being a Grim Reaper. I think I’d specialize in taking the souls of extreme right wingers and big business scumbags. I’d leave the souls in the bodies for awhile, since according to the show’s mythology that would mean they would be aware of their death (and susequent autopsy) and I could get the pleasure of starting them off on the road to Hell in a most terrifying way. Gee, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it:)

Spider Monkey Serenade

…in three part harmony

Kingdom Building Game News

By now, all of you players have gotten your Secret Mayoral Orders. Nothing like the GM throwing a spanner in the works, eh? I eagerly await your turn replies…and any private emails you may care to send:)

The Corps of Discovery portion of the game is being tinkered with and I’ll get y’all started on creating your characters soon.

Other News/Random Thoughts

Regarding the financial woes here at Chez Cross: We have entered the light at the end of the tunnel and DAMN, is it great. Fuck you, late bills! FUCK YOU, credit cards!

The whole Mid-East mess: This may well mark me as a heartless motherfucker, but I DON’T FUCKING CARE! Those assholes have been fighting among themselves over everything from waterholes to which splinter of lsam is the holiest for thousands of years. Having Israel to focus on is just the latest target (and even then, they still fight amongst themselves). If it weren’t for oil, the western nations wouldn’t wipe their asses with that part of the world. So no, I just cannot muster up a bit of caring for the latest shitstorm.

All the religious nuts who are gearing up for the apocalypse: …just like they did before Y2K…and during the first Gulf War…and Vietnam…and Korea…and WWII…and WWI…and every other war…and every time a fundy preacher feels like stirring his flock up a bit.  YAWN! Tell me again how religion is not just as addictive and mind fucking as heroin or crack or meth.

The garden: Ok, it’s time to pull up the squash plants in the garden. They’ve done very well and Grace and I are squashified until next spring/summer.

GenCon 2007 Madness: My Sweet Little Green Beans With Bacon Of Love and I have decided to take a more scenic route to GenCon next year (for our Triumphant Return To GenCon U.S. Tour), so we’ll be going TO the con via Route 66 (or those roadways that have replaced it). It only takes a day longer that driving on interstate 80 and there are MANY more places to camp, things to see, yummy food joints, etc. So, our trip(from start to finish) will include, in order: most of California, Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, the Idaho panhandle, Washington, Oregon, and the rest of California. Just shy of 6,000 miles and all in about 17 days…and about $3,500. Which is a bit more than our week in Hawaii this October will cost us. 2008 is still a toss up:) Could be GenCon again, could be someplace outside the U.S.

GenCon SoCal this November: I am VERY tentatively considering going. Money will be factor, but not hugely so. More on this AFTER I get back from Hawaii in early October.

And now, work beckons. I’m outta here.

Large Evil Worms

…Eeeevil, I tell ya

Well, sir, it was hot here in the Big Tomato today…109…and pretty humid. I was able to work about 30 minutes at a time in the garden before the sweat running into my eyes blinded me. Then,  I’d come inside and wash my face off and cool down before going out again. I reckon I drank about 5 gallons of water today. I was working in shorts and shoes and nothing else…and I have not a trace of sunburn. Given that I’m an ivory skinned redhead, that’s pretty odd. Good, but odd.

And the tv weather dude just said it will hit 108 tomorrow. Oh well, could be worse…today it was 113 in Stockton (a bit south of here, where I was born) and 111 in Marysville (a bit north of here, where I grew up).

I won’t be gardening so much tomorrow, mostly due to having to process all the veggies we picked today. aditionally, I’ve got mucho writing and creative stuff to do.

And now, to bed. 


Seriously Tripped Up By A Pair Of Big Blue Eyes

…dames…what ya gonna do?

Hey, World Building Game Players, here are your General Orders!

Mayoral Duty Orders

Effective Immediately


My Friend,


It is with great pleasure and the utmost confidence in your abilities that I now write these orders that officially begin your tenure as Mayor of our new mainland outpost. Our fellow citizens and our allies in other countries share my feelings, you can be sure. The hard work of all of the First Settlers will be a source of pride to us for many generations to come.


As you know, the chosen area was scouted remotely by our Master Wizards. Using a variety of devices, they have found you a place far from home that should be ideal for farming and building a village. In addition, you have plenty of water, nearby forests and a lack of any dangerous peoples or animals nearby.


You are lucky in that your village and the surrounding farmlands have been started for you, once again via the talents of our Wizards. This should give you a good head start on things. I have included a map of the village and surrounding area with these orders. And now, on to your General Orders.


1: Your primary mission is to establish a self supporting colony that will be, in no less than 1 and no more than 2 years, capable of supporting the initial settlers AND 100 new settlers. After that, you should expect a minimum of 100 new settlers per year.


2: Once you have achieved self sufficiency, you shall begin working towards establishing a surplus of good for trade with us here at home, as well as with our allies.


3: You will seek out valuable resources and exploit them for both the benefit of your colony and trade with others. This shall include, but by no means be limited to, minerals, wildlife, forest products, plant life, sources of mana and ancient artifacts.


4: You will, as you see fit, establish both outlying hamlets and military outposts.


5: You will, as time and resources permit. do cursory exploration of the wilderness around your village. However, any in depth explorations will be done by either a Scout Force detachment or by the Corps of Discovery (if they are nearby at the time).


6: You will assign people to catalog and get samples of the geology, plants and animals in the area.


7: You will act as a Diplomat in any peaceful encounters with new civilizations. In less peaceful encounters, you shall consult with your Military Commander on an appropriate course of action.


8: You will, at all times, act as an Agent of your Homeland and it’s People and Ruler.


So there you are. I rather envy you this new adventure. Go forth and prosper, my friend.

Ok, there ya go. If you have any questions, ask me. You will each get some orders specific to your Mayor…along with the above mentioned map…in a day or so.

As far as your first turn goes, You will simply write a letter to your Ruler telling him/her what each group of people (Farmers, Teachers, Military, etc) are doing for the next month. You need not go into alot of detail if it’s not really necessary. For example, Teachers will pretty much teach most of the time, so you’d just say something like “Our teachers continue to do an excellent job” or somesuch. If the Teachers do something else, like help catalog animals and plants, you can note that.

You have THREE WEEKS from today to get your reply back to me. Take your time and think things out…and have fun.

Building A BattleMech Out Of Tinker Toys

…you need lots of the long green ones

Well, Gentle Readers, last night My Sweet Little Pad Thai Of Sweetness and I went to see “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest”. We agreed that it was not quite as good as the first one, but still much good cinematic fun. We also agreed that the critics who panned it as “confusing” would probably do well to stay away from shiny objects.

It will be pretty warm here tomorrow…about 107…so I’ll only work in the garden for a couple of hours, then lay out in the sun for an hour or so (sunlight helps ward off my psoriasis). After that, I reckon I’ll work on some gaming related stuff for the rest of the day.

The G4 cable channel just had a 2 hour show live from San Diego Comic Con. There was maybe 30 minutes of stuff that anyone might give a damn about, plus 90 minutes of crap.

Time for me to go get some hot cocoa. More bloggage later.

The Kitty Cats Study Magic

…the first spell they learned was “Summon Tuna”

Veggie Time At Le Chateau Cross

A quick look in the freezer and on the kitchen counter shows that we have about 15 pounds of summer squash frozen or fresh, about 8 pounds of green beans, near 2 quarts of pesto, assorted drying herbs and a few tomatos and cucumbers. Many more tomatos, as well as chilis and melons, will ripen soon. This will mean lots of tomato sauce and chili powder. In fact, we’re gonna have more frozen goodies than our fridge will hold…so I’m buying a small freezer from my mom next week.

There are winter squash (about 20 pounds worth) in the garden. They’ll get picked and processed this weekend, then I’ll pull up the plants to make way for part of the winter veggie garden (spinach, peas, lettuce). This is a yummy time of the year:)

And the two zuchinni plants (one green, one yellow) are just now getting started:)