Seriously Tripped Up By A Pair Of Big Blue Eyes

…dames…what ya gonna do?

Hey, World Building Game Players, here are your General Orders!

Mayoral Duty Orders

Effective Immediately


My Friend,


It is with great pleasure and the utmost confidence in your abilities that I now write these orders that officially begin your tenure as Mayor of our new mainland outpost. Our fellow citizens and our allies in other countries share my feelings, you can be sure. The hard work of all of the First Settlers will be a source of pride to us for many generations to come.


As you know, the chosen area was scouted remotely by our Master Wizards. Using a variety of devices, they have found you a place far from home that should be ideal for farming and building a village. In addition, you have plenty of water, nearby forests and a lack of any dangerous peoples or animals nearby.


You are lucky in that your village and the surrounding farmlands have been started for you, once again via the talents of our Wizards. This should give you a good head start on things. I have included a map of the village and surrounding area with these orders. And now, on to your General Orders.


1: Your primary mission is to establish a self supporting colony that will be, in no less than 1 and no more than 2 years, capable of supporting the initial settlers AND 100 new settlers. After that, you should expect a minimum of 100 new settlers per year.


2: Once you have achieved self sufficiency, you shall begin working towards establishing a surplus of good for trade with us here at home, as well as with our allies.


3: You will seek out valuable resources and exploit them for both the benefit of your colony and trade with others. This shall include, but by no means be limited to, minerals, wildlife, forest products, plant life, sources of mana and ancient artifacts.


4: You will, as you see fit, establish both outlying hamlets and military outposts.


5: You will, as time and resources permit. do cursory exploration of the wilderness around your village. However, any in depth explorations will be done by either a Scout Force detachment or by the Corps of Discovery (if they are nearby at the time).


6: You will assign people to catalog and get samples of the geology, plants and animals in the area.


7: You will act as a Diplomat in any peaceful encounters with new civilizations. In less peaceful encounters, you shall consult with your Military Commander on an appropriate course of action.


8: You will, at all times, act as an Agent of your Homeland and it’s People and Ruler.


So there you are. I rather envy you this new adventure. Go forth and prosper, my friend.

Ok, there ya go. If you have any questions, ask me. You will each get some orders specific to your Mayor…along with the above mentioned map…in a day or so.

As far as your first turn goes, You will simply write a letter to your Ruler telling him/her what each group of people (Farmers, Teachers, Military, etc) are doing for the next month. You need not go into alot of detail if it’s not really necessary. For example, Teachers will pretty much teach most of the time, so you’d just say something like “Our teachers continue to do an excellent job” or somesuch. If the Teachers do something else, like help catalog animals and plants, you can note that.

You have THREE WEEKS from today to get your reply back to me. Take your time and think things out…and have fun.


One comment on “Seriously Tripped Up By A Pair Of Big Blue Eyes

  1. unclelumpy says:

    Well, let’s see…
    There’re three things that a man needs to survive, food, water and shelter. Chief amongst these is water, so my first idea is to set up a decent irrigation system. We have plenty of water; however there must be a more convenient way of getting it from place to place. I’m thinking a series of sluices and ditches to ensure a sufficient even flow of our water supply to our main encampment and to the surrounding farmlands.
    The detail I shall assign to this task will be made up of the following:
    2 Farmers (Particularly the ones who have the most experience with irrigation systems)
    4 Guards (Which means our main encampment will only be half-guarded, but since the surrounding area is mostly safe, that shouldn’t bee to much of a problem.)
    4 Archers (If we run into trouble, we don’t want it to get too close, after all)
    5 Builders (After all, someone’s got to dig the ditches)
    1 Woodcarver (For construction of sluice gates and such)
    2 Lumberjacks (For supplying the woodcarver and for clearing forest space as needed)
    1 Hunter (We’ll be sending them with plenty of food, of course, but it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra source)
    2 Scouts (I’m sure this outing will give plenty of opportunity to catalog and get samples of the geology, plants and animals in the area as instructed)
    Also, I shall be sending my son, Airk. He is coming of age, soon, and this will be a good opportunity for him to learn two valuable lessons, how many different trades are practiced and, more importantly, how it takes many different people, working together to accomplish things for the betterment of the community.
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions, my Son, and learn all you can. But at the same time, don’t be foolish. If trouble should come your way, run from it, and don’t forget to use the methods of moving swiftly and silently I have taught you.
    To all involved with this expedition, I have a humble request. Do not be afraid to share your skills with others. After all, we are a young community, and while specializing in a given field is all good and fine, if we can teach each other how to handle more than one responsibility if needed, that will do nothing but good for us in the future.
    Also, I suppose a little something to build village morale would be good.
    There’s a large forest to the Northeast of our main encampment. Perhaps we can find a suitable spot for a shrine to Great Grandfather of All Trees, cheif God of our pantheon. A small party should do;
    Our Village Priest (His connection to the spiritual should make him well suited)
    Or Apprentice Mage (He’s young, but he should know enough to offer protection)

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