The Ten Blue Budgies Meet The Kitty Cats

…and no good can come of it

Top Ten Reasons GenCon 2006 Will Suck

10: Ken Hite won’t be there
9: James Wallis won’t be there
8: Steve Jackson won’t be there (but then, he never is, so…)
7: John Kovalic won’t be there
6: Phil & Kaja Folio won’t be there
5: No Baron Munchausen Dinner/Game
4: Doc_Mystery won’t be there
3: Spike, Mary & Miranda Jones won’t be there
2: My Sweet Angel, Grace, won’t be there

And the Number One Reason GenCon 2006 Will Suck is…

1: I won’t be there

That Top Ten List come from the Home Office in Grumpyville, California.
About this character: Brother Willow was the second D&D character I ever played in a non-Killer GM campaign. I have been a bit more descriptive of his skills here than I was way back in 1979.

The Doclopedia #2
My Earliest RPG Characters:  Brother Willow


Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +4
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +1

 Low Profile, High Pain Threshold, Unfazeable
Disadvantages: Too Trusting, Will Not Use Weapons (other than his walking staff), Foreigner

 Enhanced Speed (+1 attack/move per level), Perfect Balance, Catfall, Trackless Movement

Primary Skills:
 Martial Arts, Acrobatics

Brother Willow is a monk from the Temple of the Righteous Path, which is located in the distant land of Shin Wa. He is a total asskicker in combat, but is reluctant to fight if there is another way to settle matters. He will often offer first aid to his defeated foes.Being the sole Asian in a European land, Brother Willow is the subject of much curiosity and some distrust. Usually, his soft spoken and kindly ways winn people over, but not in all cases. Sometimes, he is forced to “bring enlightenment” to the crude and bigoted.

In his spare time, Brother Willow enjoys learning about Western ways, trying new foods and drinks, writing in his journal, attempting to guide his friends down the path of peace and harboring a secret love for the half elf mage, Tamara.


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