Happy Birthday, Grace!

…she’s 48 today


About this character: This character was created for a short lived Star Trek game (using AD&D rules) back in 1983.

The Doclopedia #3
My Earliest RPG Characters:  Captain Daemon Dragon

Captain of the starship “Explorer”

Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +3
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +3
Advantages: Almost Fearless, Commanding Presence
Disadvantages: Almost Fearless, Stubborn, Horny

 Heightened Senses (+3 to sensory based rolls)

Primary Skills:
 Starship Operations, Strategy & Tactics, Brawling, Weapons (hand phaser)

Captain Dragon is the much beloved commander of the starship “Explorer“. He is 30 years old, tall, good looking and unmarried. He inspires loyalty and respect in his crew and fear and respect in his enemies. He is sometimes a bit too much of a swashbuckler, but is never really reckless.In his spare time, Captain Dragon enjoys jazz, working out in the gym, cooking, watching old 20th century adventure movies and seducing women on every planet he visits.


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