Dreaming Of Giant Porcupines

…to say nothing of the colorful penguins

About this character: This character was my very first Runequest character. I played him in 4  episodes, then the GM decided he wanted to run Gamma World. I very much liked Sir Mallard and someday hope to play him again.

The Doclopedia #4
My Earliest RPG Characters:
Sir Mallard

Gloranthan Duck Knight (please, no jokes about “The Duck Knight Returns”:)
Strength: -1
Constitution: +1
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +1
Advantages: Small and Quick, Brave, Noble
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Different (he’s a Duck), Short


Primary Skills:
 Shortsword +1, Short Bow +1, Dodge +2

 Sir Mallard is a Knight from the Court of the King of All Duckdom. He is 3 feet tall, has dark green and white feathers and a scar across his bill. He is very well mannered and of a calm and noble temperment. He is also a bit arrogant.Sir Mallard was sent out by his king to learn more about the wider world, spread the word that Ducks are ready to do business with Humans and to maybe secure a bit of loot for the Royal Treasury. He enjoys the adventuring life…in no little part because it gets him away from his 3 wives and 24 children.

In his spare time, Sir Mallard enjoys vanquishing evildoers, slaying monsters, aiding the defenseless and recounting his exploits to all who will listen.


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