The Rare And Colorful Feathered Tree Pig Of Potawango Island

…don’t walk under the trees they live in…messy

About this character: This was, as near as I can remember, the first Toon character I ever created.

The Doclopedia #6
My Earliest RPG Characters: Willy Wabbit

Madcap Toon
Muscle: 7
Smarts: 9
Zip: 8
Chutzpah: 9Shticks: Quick Change/Disguise, Bag of Many ThingsBeliefs & Goals: Everybody else is a chump, so you can feel free to mess with them. Being crazy is FUN! Drop everything if you see any yummy carrots. Stay away from cops and dogs.

Natural Enemies: Dogs, Cops, Psychiatrists

Background: Willy is a small white rabbit who wears green sneakers and a green vest. He is nuttier than a bag of walnuts and hyperactive to boot. Despite his strong addiction to carrots, Willy is very hard to trap, much to the dismay of the local police. He carries a big mallet, chewing gum and dynamite in his Back Pocket.

In his spare time, Willy likes eating carrots, carrot cake, glazed carrots, mashed carrots and carrot cookies with a big glass of carrot juice.

NOTE TO MY WORLD BUILDING GAME PLAYERS:  Your first monthly report will be due on Friday. Post it as a reply to my LJ that day. I’ll post Arn’s monthly report (since he gave it to me yesterday after our game session) as an example in the Friday LJ.

And now, I’m off to pick up my new glasses, then head to work.


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