The Children Who Eat Fear

…strange tykes, those


About this character:  Not all OTE characters are wacked out mutant aliens who dabble in mystic shit. Some are just ordinary folks like you and I. Well, ok, like YOU.

The Doclopedia #9

Over The Edge Characters:
Nicodemus Splatch 

Bicycle messengerYoung man of indeterminate ethnicity and national origin, age 26, 170 pounds, 5’11” tall, good looking, short black hair, brown eyes, small scar under left eye.

Nico, as his friends call him, is a good natured young fellow who works for the Bikes Away Messenger Service located in Flowers Barrio. Well liked by just about everyone, Nico is known all over the Edge, since his job takes him to just about every corner of the city.

When he’s not working, Nico picks up extra cash by repairing and customizing bicycles. He lives with his girlfriend, Rita, and at least 3 cats.

In his spare time, Nico enjoys going out to the clubs, dancing, watching soccer and playing video games.


World Class Bicyclist (3 dice) It wouldn’t take too much effort for Nico to become either a bicycle racer or a stunt biker. (great endurance and reflexes)

Very Healthy (2 dice)  All that biking around keeps him in great condition.(very fit and lean)


Fear of Heights  (2 dice)  Nico has a definite fear of high places and will avoid them as much as possible. (gets nervous above the second floor)


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