Dark Matter Aardvarks

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 Ok, guys, submit your first months report. Arn’s report is below, so use it as an example when posting your reports.

Monthly Report #1

Your Highness,

I am glad to hear that things are going well back home. Everyone here misses the old country, but we are also finding much to love here in our new lands. What follows is my monthly report. As you will see, we are making great progress already, with much more to come. Indeed, I expect a first shipment of goods to find It’s way to you in about 60 days. I am sure you will be pleased.

Our military detachment, under the leadership of General Warren, has not only done an excellent job of providing security, but has proven quite useful in the digging of irrigation canals to our fields and pastures. As per our orders, a squad of 7 soldiers spent a week doing mapping and exploration in the forests and hills to the north of us. They took with them Mr. Xanders (a blacksmith/miner) and Miss Goldeneye (our apprentice mage). While no magical energies were detected, Mr. Xanders did not several ore deposits that might prove worthy of further investigation. Many new animals and plants were sighted, as were several new streams.

Our farmers tell me that this rich soil will yield bumper crops this year. While our vintner, Mrs. Blaine, will have to wait until next year for a proper crop of wine grapes, she reckons that she should be able to produce several barrels of wild berry wine this fall. Our barley and hop crops are growing well enough to make our brewers, Mr. & Mrs. Wickett, positively giddy with anticipation. They have already revised the size of their brewhouse.

Master Pandemonius, our Wizard, has finished his daily enchantment of the southern wall of the village. He assures me now it will be many times stronger and fire resistant than any normal wooden wall. He is about to start on the western wall, with the remaining walls following after that.

Our engineers, builders and lumbermen are well into the construction of a bridge across the Swift River, which lies to our northwest. It will take near 6 months to build, but will open up new farming and grazing areas.

The Howard family (our millers), along with some help from the military and our builders, are more than halfway towards finishing our grain mill. Once it is finished, it will be ready to handle our summer grain crop.

Our other folk, from our teachers to our hunters & fisherman, are keeping quite busy. There is much to do here and they are eager to do their part.

Two days ago, I sent a soldier (Corporal Timmins) and Mr. Xanders back into the hills to give those ore deposits a closer look. They suspect their might be a silver vein nearby.

As for my own progress, I am kept busy both running the village and running my vegetable farm. I expect great things from both over the next year. I await any orders you may have and I am, as always,

Your Humble Servant


3 comments on “Dark Matter Aardvarks

  1. antiwesley says:

    My Dear Friend,
    I am glad to report that after an initial issue upon arrival, the town has prospered and we will be sending back an initial shipment of some new products we have found here.
    The Greenbottoms and Horsestriders have settled into their areas quite well, and have started to produce the needed livestock for the towns.
    The Cerveceros have started brewing a batch of new beer from the young crops, and we expect to have a batch ready for consumption soon.
    The Builders, along with some of the Military, have completed most of the necessary buildings around the town, and the mill is ready for the new crops.
    Mrs. Rumtiggler has established the school, and the children are learning about their new lands as well as the old, and are being prepared for the jobs that they will need to perform in the future.
    One of the Sergeants, and the Teamakers have explored outside the boundaries, and report that while the lands that surround us is filled with herbs from the old country, they don’t have what the bakers need to make a good peach pie yet. The Greens are also satisfied with the surrounding lands as well.
    The Ironthumbs are searching a nearby mountain range for possible ore deposits, and we expect them back at any time.
    As for myself, I have been streamlining administrative procedures, and help out where needed to ensure that our town remains a success.
    Health to you.

  2. Doc Cross says:

    reply from doc_mystery
    Your Royal Highness;
    I offer up the following report.
    The construction of the Official Mayoral Offices is well underway.
    The Town/Colony Council itself will meet every month or on an emergency basis at the request of the Mayor or a majority of the Councilor’s request.
    Plantation Overseer Gaspan the Fair has been working in our fields (fenced by tall hedges magically grown by the Wizard) planting grains and mixed vegetables. Fruit and nut trees have been planted near the town walls, with beehives nearby.
    Barracks for the slaves and various other buildings for agricultural activities are being built.
    Quartermaster Hariel the Wise, is overseeing the building of warehouses for perishable items.
    An icehouse has been constructed for food preservation and slaughtered animals are also being both dried and salted in barrels.
    A large multipurpose mill (for grinding grain/milling lumber) has started construction along the river. A windmill attachment for the times the river is frozen will be added later.
    High Sorcerer El-Khalid Alba, along with his apprentice Fizik Mn’Aaze, has been helping with all heavy
    construction as well as creating magical devices. These include staves that ward against diseases in the fields and invigorating salt-licks for the animals. Ever-burning torches and Alarums Amulets will made for use by soldiers.
    Soldiers from both Algol and Mizur group currently alternate guarding and aiding in organizing the fields. Guards not on duty will be helping all construction, including the two barracks just outside of town. Guards also forage for wood, hunt for game, or do odd jobs.
    The military engineers will begin construction of a rope-ferry across the river. Woodcutting, charcoaling and the town dump will be located across the river.
    Also under construction are the two Artisan Halls. The South Hall will house the Smith/Armourers, Potters and Glass-blowers. The North Hall will house the Leather, Ropes, Basket, Textile and Rug makers.
    The efforts of the various stockmen are being complimented by the help of the Butcher/Tanners for a ready supply of food for immediate and later storage.
    Until the water mill is completed, the Miller, along with the Baker’s and the female slaves, are starting to make the various bake and other ovens for the colony. For the first year, individual houses will not have ovens, only stoves.
    The Quarter Master, has been organizing the builders into making raw materials for all construction projects.
    Ida El-Rhazes, the Physician/Chemist, has constructed a simple roofed clinic and modern latrine system for the Town. At least once a week she will explore the forest near the river, cataloging plants and herbs and collecting specimens.
    Omar G’amr, the Priest/Astronomer will be providing psychic solace to the colony. To the north of town, he is slowly charting the solar and stellar year before constructing a giant stone Orrey and Planetika, to be used in the future to help determine the best timing of planting and harvesting crops, among other things.
    Harad Al-Sador, the Banker/Merchant, knows the value of gems and minerals. He will systematically examine the geology of this area, marking it on the community map. He will be looking for gold in the stream and useful ores to mine. He is also assisting the Hostler/Stabler’s in forming the pony-express and postal-office branch which will connect us to home.
    After setting up a vineyard, Old Dada, the Vintner/Chemist has free time to help Rhazes find useful plants and Al-Sador look for useful chemical ores.
    Aine El-Babel, the Poet/Librarian, has little to do, so she is creating a series of community maps. These will be updated based on information from our explorers. She has also built a small coracle, which she uses to explore up river and along the coast.
    The slaves are working hard and their morale seems good. This is because the time spent building the colony means working off their debts at double the usual rate.
    I am kept quite busy with my duties. We will soon be needing boat-builders, fishermen, more engineers and miners.
    I eagerly await your reply.
    Your Humble and Obedient Servant

  3. unclelumpy says:

    Great and Mighty Wulfgar,
    I know your duties are great and your time is valuable, so I shall try to be breif.
    First, I am pleased to say that we have established our colony of White Rock with little difficulty. In the true Kjoldervolken manner, everyone is willing to do their part and give of their effort for the betterment of our people as a whole. Our means are more than adequate to insure our survival and well-being in this strange, new land.
    But there is always the possibility of more.
    To that end, I have decided our first major undertaking as a village shall be to take our already sufficient irrigation system and optimize it. After all, water is the greatest necessity of life.
    I have organized a detail of villagers to oversee this task, including;
    2 Farmers (Who have a great amount of experience with irrigation systems)
    4 Guards (For defense. Since the surrounding area has proven mostly safe, I feel our village can get by half-guarded)
    4 Archers (Again for defense. After all, trouble is best dealt with at a distance.)
    5 Builders (Someone’s got to dig the ditches)
    1 Woodcarver (To construct sluice gates, etc.)
    2 Lumberjacks (To provide wood and clear any forest area that proves problematic)
    1 Hunter (We’ll be sending plenty of food, but it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra source)
    2 Scouts (This will be a good opportunity to catalog and get samples of local geology, plants and animals)
    Once our irrigation system is optimized, it should make our village all the more prepared to welcome the new settlers which you have mentioned you would be sending our way in time.
    Furthermore, I shall be sending my son upon this detail. I’m sure you remember Airk. A long time has passed since those days you used to bounce him on your knee. He shall be ready to serve in our army in less than two years time. This will, no doubt, be a great opportunity for him to learn the myriad of skills needed for different professions and, more importantly, the sense of unity and cooperation as a people that makes the Kjoldervolk people so great!
    On a somewhat lesser note, I have decided to send a small party to the forest northeast of our encampment for the purpose of finding a good spot to build a shrine to Great Grandfather of All Trees, as I believe such a thing would be beneficial to village morale. The party shall be made up of our village priest and our apprentice mage.
    Other than what I have mentioned, life goes on as usual and, for the most part, without too much difficulty.
    I remain honored to serve the Kjoldervolk,
    Fjebold Fjeboldsson

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