The Silence Of The Basset Hounds

…you may give me a tummy rub, Clarice

The Doclopedia

About this character:  This young lady is the premiere gadgeteer in my CyberPulp Dociverse, but I didn’t create her. That honor belongs to my good friend, Avis.


#18: Sally Smithfield

Stats (using a d10)
Physical: 6
Mental: 9
Psychic: 1
Magical: 6

Skills:   Weird Science (3d12), Electronics (2d10), Chemistry (3d6), Mechanics (3d6), Hand To Hand Combat (2d8), Pistol (2d8), Rifle (3d6), Driving (2d8), Pilot (2d8)

In the year 1932, Sally is 28 years old. She is tall (5’10”), has shoulder length sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim athletic build, which comes from both her years of ballet training and her practicing of martial arts. Sally can be a bit absent minded at times, mostly because she tends to always be mentally working on her next adventure. For the most part, Sally is a terrible cook, but an excellent baker, with cookies being her specialty.

Sally was born to parents who were scientists, so her love of science is a natural thing. She has an older brother who is also a scientist. However, two things distinguish Sally from the rest of her family. First, she has that perfect 50/50 blend of magical and technological aptitude that results in a person being either a Weird Scientist (which she is) or a Technomancer (such as her archenemy, Wizard X). Secondly, Sally is a Type 2 Human, the next evolutionary step up from homo sapiens. This makes her just a bit stronger, faster. tougher and smarter than normal humans. Well, ok, she’s a lot smarter than the average human.

Besides working in her families lab (The Smithfield Scientific Company), Sally is also a member of Doc Tempest’s band of adventuring crimefighters. She is not only the groups gadgeteer, but their second best pilot after Doc himself.

Sally has a big secret: she is a lesbian. Presently, she has not quite accepted this fact, mostly because there are at least a couple of men she finds sexually attractive. Soon, however, Sally will meet the woman who sweeps her off her feet. Sadly, in 1940, there will be a tragic event that will cause Sally (with Doc’s help) to decide to go into cryogenic suspension for what should have been 20 years, but turns out to be 90 years. When she is revived, Sally joins up with Doc’s great grandson and continues her gadgeteering/adventuring career in the 21st Century.

In her spare time, Sally enjoys driving in her amazing car (named Betsy), ballet dancing, building kinetic sculptures and (in the 21st Century) playing online RPGs.


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