Searching For A Midnight Princess

…with a heart of gold

Well, it appears that the laptop has had a nervous breakdown…or maybe a heart attack…but whatever, it ain’t booting up. Dr. Grace will give it a full examination and then decide if she can fix it or if it needs to go to a specialist. If it goes to the specialist (and it needs to, due to a busted hinge on the screen/lid, I might just have the vid card upgraded, too. We shall see.

The Doclopedia

About this character:  Every pulp milieu needs a lost world (or two) and today we have a young woman from one such place on CyberPulp Earth.

#19: Ualla of the Tiger Tribe

Stats (using a d10)
Physical: 7
Mental: 7
Psychic: 5
Magical: 2

Skills:   Survival (3d8), Knife (2d10), Spear (2d8), Tracking (2d6), Climb (2d6), Swim (2d6)

Ualla is a warrior of the Tiger Tribe, which in turn is part of the Two Mountains Clan. Ualla is a firce warrior, a skilled hunter and a very good tracker. Altho she is of an age where she should be choosing a mate, she does not seem interested in any of her tribes young men. This is because Ualla has met the Outsiders, people from a far off place beyond the great barrier walls, and she is intrigued by one of their young men.

So far, Ualla has only watched the outsiders from hidden places, but she wants to do more. She has been thinking of approaching them with a peace offering. Besides, they are travelling in the direction of the Crocodile People’s village and need to be warned that that is not good.

Ualla is tall (for her people), standing 5’5″. She weighs 106 ponds and has long black hair and black eyes. Her skin is medium brown and she has many tribal scars and piercings. She typically wears a two piece outfit made of rabbit skin.

In her spare time, Ualla enjoys hunting the giant thagdar, climbing trees to gather dindi eggs and teaching young girls how to knife fight.


2 comments on “Searching For A Midnight Princess

  1. unclelumpy says:

    We took photographs of the young women of the Tiger Tribe, but they haven’t developed yet.

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