Bucky & Squint Learn To Fly

…it would be so much easier with an airplane

Well, the laptop is in the shop and will be out next week. Curse you, stupid 3 day weekend!

And now, we be ready to sail into adventure…Yarr!

The Doclopedia

About this character:  He’s as salty an old seadog as ever was, matey, and a darned fine pirate, too.

#22: Captain Patrick “Bloody Pat” Kelly 

Main Trait: Pirate Captain
Second Trait: Swordsman
Third Trait: Ladies Man

Flaws: Hot Temper, Hard Drinker, Pitiless To Enemies

Captain Kelly is about 35 years old, pretty good looking and a ruthless foe of all authority. He has death sentences on him by many countries and is quite proud of that fact. He hates the French and Spanish, but as a good Irishman, he reserves most of his hate for England. He has a rather soft spot for the American colonies tho. In fact, he often says he might retire there one day.

His ship, the Nightmare, is crewed by as tough a bunch of sailors as was ever made. They are loyal to the Captain, but also take great pains not to piss him off. Once a year, the Captain has a huge party for “his lads” during which the food, rum and women are plentiful.

In his spare time, Bloody Pat likes to nurse hangovers, curse in up to 7 languages and try to remember how many children he has fathered.


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