Iron Chef: Battle Mountain Oysters

…to compete in this one, you’ve gotta have balls

We misses Our Precious, we does! This nasty old desktop hurts us, it does! It slows us down and makes us stay in the same room all the time! And we must SHARE it with Grace! Bwaaaa!

The Doclopedia

About this character:  This pirate, tho technologically much more advanced than the last one, is also more bloodthirsty…and uglier.

#23: Captain Korgar 

Main Trait: Klingon
Second Trait: Starfaring Pirate
Third Trait: Two Weapon Fighting (axes)

Flaws: No Klingon sense of honor/duty, Greedy

Several generations ago, a colony of Klingons lost contact with/were abandoned by the homeworld. Since this colony was stocked mostly with malcontents and the (according to the Klingon viewpoint) mentally ill, it didn’t take long for the old ways to be forgotten and a new, more survival oriented society to emerge.

Captain Korgar was able to get hold of a starship when a group of Ferengi traders made the mistake of stopping by. After “persuading” the Ferengi to teach him and his friends how to operate the ship, he slaughtered half of them. This caused the remaining Ferengi to see the light and swear allegiance to Korgar. Soon, the “Razor Claw” and her crew were the terror of the spacelanes.

Captain Korgar stands 6’9″ tall, dresses in black leather with red accents, has many scars all over his body and carries two very sharp axes as weapons.

In his spare time, Korgar enjoys drinking, carousing, amassing wealth and feeding bits of his enemies to his pet geeloth (a big two headed furry snake).



One comment on “Iron Chef: Battle Mountain Oysters

  1. brianrogers says:

    We might well bee stealing him for my Chrfistopheer Pike era ST game…
    Now that would be a neat way to meet the Ferrengi….

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