We Used To Like Monkeys, But Now We Like Orangutans

…maybe it’s cos they have red hair


Well, I successfully made it through yesterday with almost no 9/11 crap entering my realm of awareness. Hopefully, now that we’ve passed the 5th anniversary, it will begin the slow fade into history where it belongs.

Our regular every other Sunday Game Day was fun. In lieu of the regular series, I ran a one off dungeon crawl that was fun for all concerned. Hopefully, next session will see me with my laptop back and running The Adventures Of Zora.

And now, the final character of AD&D Monsters As Characters week. Starting tomorrow: Wild Cards week.

The Doclopedia #35

AD&D Monsters As Characters: Coriaximal the Dragon


About this character: Oak Hill is chock full of misfit monsters. Regular Monsters hate the misfits and wish to kill them. Why don’t they? The Oak Hill Dragon, that’s why.

Coriaximal the Dragon

STR: 18/00 (on a bad day)
CON: 18
DEX: 16
INT: 18
WIS: 12
CHA: 11

Coriaximal, or Cori to his friends, is a Dragon who lives in a very large cave at the top of the hill from which Oak Hill gets it’s name. He is enormous in size, measuring just over 150 feet from nose to tail. His wingspan is just a bit longer at 158 feet. In addition, Cori is a hybrid dragon, created from the selective breeding of many other types of dragons. As a result, he has all of their strengths, none of their weaknesses and a dazzling selection of breath weapons.

Several times a day, Cori will fly out and patrol the area around Oak Hill. If he sees a group of evil monsters, he will give them a rather stern warning to leave. Not surprisingly, this works quite well about 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, Cori eats the evil monsters. After several years of patrolling, Cori has made the area around Oak Hill extremely safe.

Altho he is still a very young fellow (barely 100 years old), Cori is beginning to feel lonely. Soon, he’ll have to go looking for a mate. He kind of has his eye on a cute little Golden Dragon over near Mount McCaffrey. Perhaps in the near future, Oak Hill will have the patter of little dragon feet echoing throughout the village.

In his spare time, Cori enjoys letting the village children crawl all over him, decorating his cave with rare gemstones and growing roses.


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