Electric Betty And The Too Sweet Kid

…they were quite a couple

The Doclopedia #36

Ordinary Supers:  Mr. Cool

Ace Powers: Temperature control, ice blast, arctic winds

Main Skills: Martial Arts, Security Systems, Streetwise

Attributes (from best to worst): Intelligence, Charisma, Agility, Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Weakness: Extreme prolonged heat with low humidity

Hakeem Wells always loved those asskicking 1970’s blaxploitation heroes like Shaft and Superfly. He dreamed of someday becoming bad enough to go out and clean the criminals out of his neighborhood. Then, on his 16th birthday, he turned over his Ace and got his wish. Soon, the news on the street was that a new bad motherfucker was in town. Unfortunately for Hakeem, he decided to go the secret identity route. Pity nobody told him how much of a pain in the ass it is.

Now, 5 years later, Hakeem’s first problem is holding down a job while attending classes at the University. Actually, making it to classes is his second problem. Then there are his parents, who are not only prone to dropping by his apartment unannounced, but wonder why he keeps missing family functions. Much the same problem comes from all of his 4 sisters (thankfully, his brother is in the Navy and far from home, his 3 aunts, both sets of his grandparents and most of his friends. Everybody wants to know why he’s changed so much. Hakeem wishes he had good answers.

Fortunately, his girlfriend, who is also an ace (The Ghost Queen) knows his secrets and doesn’t bug him about them. She is, however, a tad insistent about the whole “marry and have kids” thing. By the way, her parents do not drop by unannounced. That’s because they hate Hakeem and think he is not nearly good enough for their little girl.

Out on the streets though, Mr. Cool is much loved and respected…except for the street gangs, organized crime families, assorted street scum, evil aces, evil jokers, corrupt cops, corrupt politicians, mudslinging newspaper editors, mad scientists and shadowy government agencies that all hate him and want to see him dead/degraded/locked up/tortured/placed in a lab for study or disintegrated.

Yeah, it’s cool being Mr. Cool.

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