Cone Shell Cabaret

…as deadly as it is fun

The Doclopedia #37


Joker Form: A short man composed entirely of what looks like water

Main Skills: Sneak, Hide, Move Rapidly, Quick Regeneration, Virtually Invisible when immersed in water, Malleable Form

Attributes (from best to worst):  Agility, Intelligence, Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, Charisma

Weakness: Speech is very hard to understand, freezes at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Waterboy (his real name is unknown) is, despite his name, not a young person. He drew his joker a week before his 40th birthday. Understanding that his old life was forever gone, he set about exploring his new form and seeing what he could use it for.

After some experimenting, Waterboy decided that he could best put his powers to use by gathering information, which he could then sell or use for blackmail. He established a base of operations in an old city water pumping station and, using the city’s water pipes as his highway, began his operation.

Within weeks, he had gathered several aquatic based Jokers to aid him and was compiling a huge database of the sins and indiscretions of New York’s movers & shakers. Within 6 months, he had a fat bank account and a home on Long Island with 4 Olympic sized pools. Six months later, he spent a couple of weeks in Washington, DC and really hit the mother lode.

Now, it is 5 years later and the little Joker from Long Island pulls the strings in governments from China to Sweden. Mostly, he’s caused great things to happen for Joker’s rights and the environment, but he’s getting a bit bored. Perhaps it’s time to encourage more space exploration…or wage a real war on crime…or make all the governments put women in charge.

After all, you can do anything with the right information.


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