Organic Ant Farm

…no recombinant DNA in our aphids

Oh yeah, it’s weekend time! With any luck, Grace will get my laptop booted up (we got it back from having the screen replaced on Tuesday) and I can get off this desktop computer. It all depends upon the restore disk and other techie shit I know nothing about.

We’ll be doing more trip prep, plus housecleaning tomorrow. Sunday is kinda open so far.

And now, today’s character…

The Doclopedia

About this character: This Ace is just an average New York cop doing his job…really well.

#38:  Detective Stan Webber

Ace Power: Ability to control the emotions of others, powerful mental shield

Main Skills: Observation, Communication, Detection, Marksmanship, Streetwise, Criminology, Psychology

Attributes (from best to worst):  Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Agility

Weakness: Can’t control the emortions of pre-pubescent children, truly insane people or animals.

Detective Webber turned over his ace when he was a rookie. A scared kid, caught while trying to rob a fast food joint, was about to lose it and start shooting. Webber told him to calm down and to his surprise, the kid began calming down. The more Webber spoke to him, the calmer he got (and the more Webber felt a tingling in his forehead). Soon, the kid was practically asleep and Stan slapped the cuffs on him.

Since then, Stan has learned that he can turn a persons emotional level up or down or even change what they are feeling. Early on, he had to speak to the target, but now he can do it by thought alone. He has put his powers to good use by not only capturing criminals, but getting confessions out of them once they are in custody.

While Stan has not revealed his powers to anyone, his partner, Frank Dugan, suspects him of being an Ace. Not that he’s likely to tell anybody. After all, if it helps clean up the streets, what the hell?

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