Teenage Ducks Go Wild

…it’s all that duck rock they listen to that makes ’em crazy

Sore…no, very sore body tonight…that hillside gardening kicks my ass…here’s today’s character…I go sleep soon…

The Doclopedia #40
Wild Cards: Maxwell Edison

Ace Power: Can create a silver hammer out of thin air.

Main Skills: Medical Knowledge, Persuasion, Ladies Man, Artistic Skills

Attributes (from best to worst):  Intelligence,  Charisma, Strength,  Agility,  Dexterity, Constitution

 The hammer can only be summoned twice a day and only for 5 minutes at a time.

Maxwell is a good looking young medical student in London. He likes to whack people on the head with his silver hammer. He makes sure they are dead, then he knocks off a quick painting of the crime scene. The ladies all like Maxwell…and he likes them…dead. The Beatles wrote a song about Maxwell and his hammer.


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