The White Witch And Rock & Roll Debbie Team Up

…and I was very afraid

Damn, both Grace and I are getting antsy to go on vacation. From now on, no more going 2 years without a trip somewhere that lasts at least a week.

And now, the start of a week of characters where ya get two fer the price of one!

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character:  Since this is Cats & Dogs Living Together Week, you get a cat and a dog character every day. Yay me!

#43: Spock & Bones

Main Trait (Spock): Size/Strength

Main Trait (Bones): Agility

Spock the Rottwieller and Bones the Russian Blue are the pets of the Abernathy family, most of whom are die hard Star Trek fans. Spock & Bones couldn’t care less about science fiction on tv, but they do care about battling the threat of alien invasion in their home town!

You see, the town the Abernathy’s live in is (for reasons only known to extraterrestrials) the spot on earth to conquer first. So, each night, Spock & Bones go forth to repel the alien invaders that the humans either can’t identify or never even find out about. Aiding in the fight are not only many other household pets, but much of the wildlife in the area.

Contrary to their names, Spock & Bones never argue and are the best of friends.


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