The Dungeon Of Icky Things

…and by the 3rd level, they were really icky

Paint me white and call me Snowy, I’ve finally got all the plants in the ground that I bought yesterday! Now I’m all set up, landscapefully speaking, until after we get back from our vacation…at which point I’ll need to stick about a truckload of bulbs in the ground and transplant about 5,000,000 other plants. All of this being done while Grace and I “Bassetize” the house and do boring stuff like work. Yeah, it’s a veritable Carnival O’ Fun here at Chateau Cross.

Lately, mostly after reading the LJ of bruceb , I’ve been getting nostalgic to run a good old fashioned AD&D dungeon crawl. Actually, I get this urge every couple of years, but often either fight it down or see it voted down by my players. Now, however, I’m conjuring up a super duper bigass dungeoncrawl/underground world series idea and I think I’m gonna run it for my players starting in January. I’ll write bits about it before then, but since some of my players read this LJ, I won’t offer up the really juicy parts.

My Sweet Little Orange Creamsicle Of Love has been organizing our itinerary for the Hawaii trip. She does this partly because she is a detailed trip organizing kind of person and partly because I’m a “let’s just wing it” kinda guy. Usually, we end up doing a bit of winging it, but it’s nothing like the old days where hearing the words “Doc took care of all the trip details” would cause women to faint and drive strong men to tears. Those were the good old days, altho I do feel kinda bad about that trip in 1983 when some of our group ended up spending the night camped out in a cemetary in Bend, Oregon. Anyway, this should be a pretty well organized and event filled trip…even if I won’t be able to get Grace to go too near a (as she refers to it) “fucking ERUPTING volcano”. Also, I’m told there will be NO swimming with sharks or stingrays, no wandering around in the untamed jungle and no “other crazy shit”.  SIGH…a victim of my own reputation.

And now, the latest installment of…

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character:  Today, Toon gets represented.

#47: Delbert Dogge & Conrad Catt

Main Trait (Delbert): Dogged Determination

Main Trait (Conrad): 9 Lives

Delbert is a rather obese Basset Hound. Conrad is a raggedy looking Siamese cat. They are both the pets of Granny Goodpickle and they hate each other. There is a constant war going on between them to get one another blamed for doing bad things, kicked out of the house and sent to the pound. So far, Granny has been oblivious to their ongoing war. Both of them have Incredilble Luck and Cosmic Shift as Shticks and they both own Bags of Many Things. It’s a wonder the house is still standing.

5 comments on “The Dungeon Of Icky Things

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Your household is exactly like ours in the ‘winging it’ vs ‘overly detailed planning’ viewpoint on planning trips assignment by gender.
    I’m very interested in your big-ass dungeon crawl secret idea, as I have always loved adventures underground. If your co-gamers don’t get A&E, perhaps you could write it up there?

  2. peacespear says:

    Sleeping in a graveyard isn’t too bad. At least the neighbors are quiet. I’ve slept over (unmarked) graveyards twice so far in my life and look at me… wait… bad example. But seriously, I have.
    I too miss the days of a good old dungeon crawl. With Spike being the only close player that I know and his editing work taking up most of his time, I guess that I will have to live vicariously through your dungeon.
    Good luck in Hawaii. Don’t bring home any lava! It’s bad luck!!!

  3. mnemex says:

    I’ve been playing in Stephen Tihor’s D&D game, running more or less old-school style with 3.5 rules. Pretty fun, at its best, in a balls to the wall “if I don’t get a 10 on this roll, my character bites the big one” sort of way.

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