The Cut Ups Crash The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

…woohoo, chaos and teddy bears

Today is the start of TWO weeks of Average Joe Week in my mad quest to post 365 characters in as many days. And “Average Joe” is not a euphimism! Nope, the character is really named Joe and I show you what average mundane (yet often vital) job he has in 14 different gaming/fiction genres. Yeah, my creativity knows no boundaries:)

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character:  Meet Joe, our average guy. Today, he’s in the modern real world just doing his job.

#50: Joe Jones, Sanitation Engineer

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +2
Mind: +1
Spirit: +1

Yeah, I’m a garbage collector. So? Somebody has to do it and the pay ain’t bad. Plus, some interesting stuff happens along the route sometimes. Like that time me and Duffy found that guy all cut up and stuck in a dumpster over behind the Wal-Mart. We answered all kinda questions for the homicide cops. Then, some Feds who said they were with Homeland Security asked us even more questions, but they got kinda wierd. I mean, who the hell asks ya if you’ve seen any wolves in the middle of the friggin’ city, fer chrisakes?

Anyway, sometimes ya find stuff ya can use or sell, like when we found a suit that belonged to Tarantula-Boy and we sold it to the Daily Trumpet editor for a cool three bills. So yeah, bein’ a garbage collector ain’t a bad gig.

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