…sounds like fun

Gaah! Work is sucking…still no working laptop…the last minute “pack up for the trip” frenzy is nigh…bank accounts must be manipulated…soon, my head will explode.

But until then, here’s today’s character.

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character:  Here’s Joe in the Pulp 1930’s, still just doing his job.

#51: Joe Doakes, Diner Cook

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +1
Mind: +1
Spirit: +2

So like I was sayin’, ya work at a place like this…on a busy corner in a big city…and ya see all kindsa things. Hell, I was on my break one day last year when that Dr. Havoc guy tried to destroy the banking district with his army of robots. I was across the street, talking with Benny the newsboy and we saw the whole deal go down, just three blocks from here.

Then there was that time that Doc Tempest…yeah, THE Doc Tempest…comes runnin’ in here, asks for all my salt and fist full of bay leaves. I gives ’em to him and he tosses me a twenty dollar bill! Turns out, him and his crew was fighting some sort of zombies one block over. Yeah, I didn’t know salt and bay leaves would stop a zombie either, but hey, ya live and learn.

And hey, don’t even get me started on what the night shift is like around here.

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