Looking Down On A Room Full Of Wise Guys

…pucker factor: 9.5

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character:  Yes,  Joe exists in a standard D&D type fantasy world, too.

#52: Joe Smith, Blacksmith

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +3
Mind: +1
Spirit: +2

Aye, I’m the village blacksmith and so was my father and grandfather before me. You need a horse shod or a weapon repaired or a new weapon made, then I’m your man. I charge a fair price and I can work fast, if needs be.

Oddest weapon I’ve ever made, ye ask? Well, that’d be a sorta three bladed throwing sword that I made for a feller about two years ago. He was passing through town with a bunch of other folks and he ordered it special. Had drawings of what he needed. Paid real well for it, too. Didn’t say what he needed it for, but a few days later, that giant that was troubling the folks over in Byriver was found dead.

So, what can I do for ye? A spring loaded spear launcher and some silver tipped spears? Well now, let me get a look at those drawings…


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