An Angel In The Pacific

…that’s my baby

The above mentioned angel is, of course, My Sweet Little Tempura Maui Onion Ring Of Cuteness, Grace. We just got back from the beach, where she took her first swim in the Pacific Ocean. See, the Pacific near northern California is just too damn cold, so she sensibly avoided it.

Today’s adventures included driving up to the Kiluea Point Wildlife Refuge, where we saw many seabirds and Nene Geese (and a mongoose or two). After that, we drove to the end of the highway up near the extreme northern tip of Kaua’i. It was a nice drive with great tropical scenery. Also, toffee coated chocolate dipped macadamia nuts were eaten:)

After the northernly drive, we did a bit of shopping, ate lunch and then partook of the ocean for the above mentioned swimming. Or rather, Grace did. I sat on the shore because, despite being a good swimmer, I don’t like going into the water in pools, let alone the ocean. Besides, I hate getting sand in my various wrinkles & crevices.

Soon, we shall eat dinner. Not sure where yet, but it will no doubt be good. Last night we had Kaua’i grown beef in the form of prime rib at a place called The Bull Shed. To say the portions were generous would be misleading, since the last time I was near a slab of beef that big, it was eating grass and mooing. Still, Grace and I tucked into it and ate enough meat to send us into a protien induced stupor.

Tomorrow, our goal is to see the Grand Canyon of the Pacific (in the middle if the island)and wander about looking at island flora & fauna. And, no doubt, shopping one last time before we leave for home on Monday.

I’m outta here. More bloggage soon.


2 comments on “An Angel In The Pacific

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Sounds like you two are having fun on your vacation!
    P.S. I once had an idea for a pulp RPG product called “Pulp Islands”, a location book of several island settings, both real and made up, that could be easily dropped into a pre-existing RPG campaign. Two of the ‘real’ islands I wanted to include were Cuba and Hawaii in the years just prior to WWII. Any chance have you come across any local history books that talk about Hawaii in the 1920s-1940s?

    • Doc Cross says:

      Alas, we never even went in a bookstore during the entire trip.
      Still, I can give you some ideas about what both the Big Island and Kaua’i were like in the early portion of the 20th century…but you’ll have to wait a few days.

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