Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

…the spinach was sleeping

Well, it would be if spinach slept. We are home, having arrived at the airport at 9:00 pm and getting home at about 10:00 pm. It was a fun and revitalizing trip, but it is good to be home.

Our only bit of bad vacation luck occured about a third of the way into the flight home when, whilst eating a piece of beef jerky, I busted off a front tooth from my upper dental plate. This was a big fat pain in the ass, but I’ll get it repaired tomorrow or so and be chomping away again soon. Just not at beef jerky.

And now, it’s off to sleep in our beloved and much missed Select Comfort bed. Extra firm hotel beds suck.


2 comments on “Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Welcome back!
    Sorry about your tooth. Does this now grant you the opportunity to replace it with a hollow tooth ala Doc Savage?

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