Square Snowflakes

…that make square snowballs

Spy Week starts out with a femme fatale

The Doclopedia #65

Spies:  Circe LeBeaux


Circe is a freelancer who works for whoever pays her…and she’s not inexpensive. She uses seduction on men (and some women) whenever she can, but is also very well versed in all of the other tricks of the spy trade. Although she doesn’t like doing wetwork, she will not hesitate to kill anyone that tries to harm or capture her. For the last several years, Circe has specialized in industrial espionage, but recently she has gotten back into the geopolitical side of things.

Circe is a 5’6″ tall woman of mixed ethnicity. She has long black hair, brown eyes, a trim and very fit body and she is drop dead gorgeous. Her weapon of choice is a thin and very sharp dagger.  She speaks a dozen languages, but mainly uses French and English.