The Daring Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And His Time Travelling Airship

…from the December, 1899 issue

Uncle Doc’s Big Weekend Plans

1: Plant irises and daffodils on the hillside garden.
2: Start the long and arduous process of cleaning out the garage.
3: Help Grace with household chores.
4: Watch some of the 8,000 tv shows we recorded while on vacation.
5: Begin clearing out the Room of Doom.
6: Do a bit of writing.

We’ll see how much I actually get done.

About this character: Here we have your classic spymaster, in the “M” mold.

The Doclopedia #66

Spies: Mr. B

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +1
Mind: +3
Spirit: +3

Mr. B is a tall, thin fellow. He has thinning brown hair liberally sprinkled with grey. His eyes are an icey blue and he has a 2 inch scar next to his right eye. He has a flat midwestern accent. He usually wears a dark blue suit.

His job requires that Mr. B ride herd on up to a dozen field agents. Aiding him are his personal assistant, Herbert, and several technichians and analysts. Mr. B and his helpers work out of a secret headquarters behind a florist shop in Manhattan. He is a tough, but caring boss and his agents respect him.

Mr. B was once a celebrated field agent himself, before moving up to his present position. His weapon of choice is a .44 Magnum, backed up by a hidden derringer.