Belgian Waffle Golem

…deadly, yet delicious

First off: Happy Birthday, Robin D. Laws!


About this character: Today, we have a spy who doubles as a hitter

The Doclopedia #67

Spies: Cameron Greene

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +3
Mind: +2
Spirit: +2

Greene is a former Navy SEAL. He saw action in the first Gulf War, as well as places that the U.S. Government won’t talk about. After 10 years as a SEAL, he was recruited by the CIA and began his career as a spy…and an assassin. He’s very good at both jobs.

Working alternately out of South America and Africa, Greene does only 2 or 3 hits per year. Most of his work involves surveillance of individuals in tremote locatrions.

Cameron Greene is 6’2″ tall, weighs 280 pounds, has short brown hair and green eyes. He has no tattoos or other identifying marks. He uses a wide range of weaponry, some of them quite primitive.


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