Night Of The Living Dude

…woah, dude


1: Yes, Grace and I were indeed lucky to have gotten home from Hawaii a week ahead of the recent earthquake.

2: I found out yesterday that my good buddy, Spike Y Jones, and his lovely wife and daughter, will not be attending GenCon this year. In fact, it may be several years before they get back to GenCon…if ever. They’ll be opting for Origins, instead.

3: In about 48 hours, there will be enough spinach ready in Spinach Bed Z/77 so we can have some for dinner.

4: I got less done this weekend than I should have, but still a fair amount for a lazy old fart like me.

5: I’m really liking “Heroes” and the new “Dr. Who”. Also, “Meerkat Manor” is still some of the best stuff on tv.

6: I upgraded my LJ status to the advert based “Plus” status. This will allow me to Put some Hawaii pics up in the scrapbook feature.

7: I’ve decided that the follow up adventure to “The Adventures of Zora” will be an epic dungeon crawl using modified AD&D second edition rules. I expect the game to start in early March.

8: Fall/Holiday movie season has begun. Soon, Grace and I will see many flicks, including the new James Bond movie.

Oh look, it’s more of “Spy Week”!

The Doclopedia #69

Spies: Secret Alien Man

In May of 1900, a small spacecraft crash landed near Cody, Wyoming. The pilot survived the crash and was able to modify his physical form so that he could pass for human. After destroying his now useless spaceship, he began exploring. Taking the name Gray Allen, he travelled a rather random route, zigzagging across the United States. By early 1902, he arrived in Washington, DC, and arranged a meeting with President Theodore Roosevelt. Soon, he was working for the US intelligence agency. He was soon, and still is, the best agent America has.

Altho Teddy Roosevelt knew of Gray’s non human status, no president since has been let in on the secret. Only the head of the intelligence agency (which, by the way, is NOT the CIA) knows that Gray is an alien.

Gray Allen stands 6 feet tall and has black hair and brownish golden eyes. He is remarkably average looking. When necessary, Gray can use a mental stun on people. He can also survive underwater for up to an hour, as well as exert a calming influence upon both animals and humans via pheremone release.

Gray’s favorite weapon is a .357 Magnum.


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