Here Come The Ice Cream Dwarves

…straight from the Mines of Ben & Jerry

The Doclopedia

About this character: You knew I was gonna do “Q” sooner or later.

#70: “G”

Stats (using FUDGE dice)

Body: +1
Mind: +3
Spirit: +2

If you’re a spy who needs a cool gadget or two for your next mission, “G” is your go to guy. He can put together any sort of gizmo, from the ever popular x Ray Glasses to the lifesaving Exploding Cufflinks. Need a Ferrari that converts into a boat? A backpack Hot Air Balloon? Bulletproof Boxer Shorts? “G” can build it for you.

“G” is a short, chubby, balding fellow with blue eyes and wispy blonde hair. He is a hard taskmaster to his army of technicians and is not very patient with wise guy secret agents. “G” is very fond of pie of all sorts.

“G” has no favorite weapon, but at any time carries at least 4 offensive and 6 defensive devices on his person.


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