An Ice Cold Glass Of Shut The Fuck Up

…free to everyone who pisses me off

Doc Update

Well, I’m about halfway thru the Room of Doom and I reckon I’ll have the whole thing sorted out by nightfall…just in time to clean the bathrooms. First tho, I must rest a bit before going to Home Depot for more plastic storage containers.

Watched Dr. Who last night…The Girl In The Fireplace was the episode…and it was damned good. Boy, it is great to have the Doctor back.

Gardenwise, today was pretty mellow. A bit of watering, some harvesting of spinach leaves & french tarragon and a bit of weeding.

I’ve gotta do some writing tonight, even if it’s just to write down the 632 ideas I have for games to run at GenCon and the other cons I’ll be attending.

Speaking of GenCon, our plans to drive there next summer are off. I decided that, since flying would…

A: save us about 2 grand
B: cause us to miss less work and therefore less pay
C: mean that we wouldn’t have to leave the house semi-unattended for 2.5 weeks
D: allow us to save up for a totally rockin’ vacation in 2008

…it was a good idea. So, we’ll still be at GenCon ’07, just sans dogs and with more money for food & games:)

Speaking of game cons, I also figured that not driving to GenCon would give me time to attend a bunch of smaller cons here in NorCal. So far, I’m looking at: DunDraCon, ConQuest Sac, KublaCon and ConQuest San Francisco. I might also shoot for GenCon Socal ’07.

In a couple of hours, Grace and I will be going to the local health club to sign up. I needs me some daily treadmill action and my Sweet Angel needs her swimming. My goal is to get back up to walking 5 miles per hour, daily, by Xmas.

Dinner at Chez Cross tonight: Loco Mocos!

And now, off to Home Depot.