Fifty Pounds Of Aardvark Jerky

…it’s earth pigalicious


The Doclopedia #74.

Guardians: The Guarding Dust of Hawking 4


182 light years from Earth lies the star Hawking A and the 7 planets that orbit it. The fourth planet, Hawking 4 (unoficially called “Rocky”), is the only one possessed of an earthlike atmosphere and ecology. As it’s common name indicates, the planet has a primarily rocky and mountainous terrain, with 3 shallow seas and a great many rivers and lakes. There are a vast number of lifeforms on the planet, but there are no sentient species…but there used to be.

In a rather rare desert area, explorer droids have found a perfectly preserved city. It covers an area of several thousand acres and sits exactly in the middle of the desert. So far, it has not been explored at close range due to the Guarding Dust.

The Guarding Dust, which makes up the desert, is actually composed of nanites the size of very fine grains of sand. Should and creature, be it droid or animal, set foot on the desert, it is summarily attacked by the dust and destroyed. Attempting to fly into the city will not work, since a dust storm will rise up and attack the flyer. So far, 14 droids have been lost in attempts to reach the city.

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