The Strangely Amusing Story Of Mostly Purple Patty

…and her whistling dog, Reuben

The Doclopedia #77

People With Swords: Ian Redberry


To Hit Bonus: +1
Damage Bonus: +1
Dodge: +1
Hit Points: 12

Ian Redberry is a swordsman. Well, he’s in training to be a swordsman. Actually, his day job is working as an assistant baker for his Uncle Milo. But soon, if he doesn’t cut his own head off or something, Ian hopes to leave baking behind for the exciting life of a sword wielding adventurer.

Ian stands 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 165 pounds. He has medium length black hair, blue eyes and a prominent scar on his chin. He is a pretty good looking boy, if the opinion of the local girls counts. Ian is 16 years old.