Synthetic Guppies

…because we can, that’s why

Went to see my mom today and had a nice visit. Did a bit of gardening after I came home, then watched the new Hellboy animated movie “Sword of Storms”. It was pretty good.


The Doclopedia #80

People With Swords: Zeek, the Well Educated Barbarian


Zeek Skullsplitter started out life as the son of a mighty warrior of the Bloodaxe Clan. He learned the way of the sword early and looked to follow his father into the warsongs of the bards. Then, at age 15, he was kidnapped by soldiers of the Tarsik Empire…and taken to a school.

Oddly enough, Zeek did not rebel much when he was put into the Imperial Academy. Maybe it was because he was always a curious fellow. Maybe it was because he knew he couldn’t excape. Maybe it was the fact that there were 3 girls for every boy in his class. Regardless, he spent the next 7 years learning all he could…and getting lucky alot.

Now, Zeek is a sword for hire (hey, he likes combat), but is educated enough to know the value of getting a contract and being able to read it. Aditionally, Zeek enjoys learning new things and helping people…unless he’s being paid to slay them.

Zeek is 6’8″ tall, has long brown hair, brown eyes and well tanned skin. He uses a huge two handed sword and always carries a good book or two.


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