Mud, Crawdads And Whiskey

…a recipe for trouble

It’s Game Day here at the Old Homestead and after about 3 months of no roleplaying, I’m hoping my crew kept notes on The Adventures of Zora or I’ll be starting a new series. If I do start a new game up, it’ll probably be a good ol’ AD&D 1st edition fantasy extravaganza.


The Doclopedia #81

People With Swords: Melanna the Magnificent


It was after her very first trip into a dungeon, as part of a fairly large party of adventurers, that Melanna decided that just knowing how to cast spells was not enough. After all, once a Wizard uses up their daily allowance of mana, they become a whole lot easier target for those creatures that want to eat dungeon delvers.

So, Melanna returned to the city and spent her share of the spoils on swordsmanship lessons. Her teacher, Cedric Goldson, was a cantankerous old fart who had alot to say about a Wizard learning to use a sword, but in the end, he congratulated Melanna on being a very good student.

Now, when she ventures out on an expedition, Melanna goes armed with spells, potions, scrolls, magical devices…and a wicked sharp +2 damage silver broadsword.


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