The Kitty Cats Learn To Dance

…and then they head to Broadway

Damn, was it ever a slow day at work today! Obviously, nobody felt like eating pizza. I can just imagine the owner of the store popping ulcer medication when he sees the receipts.

So, tomorrow is Halloween and Grace and I will most likely be doing nothing to celebrate. She will be at class most of the night and I’ll be pretending not to be home, cos we aren’t handing out candy this year. Or maybe I’ll just hit the sack early, since I have to get up early in the morning for another dentist appointment and will no doubt be pretty tired after work.

Grace and I have already decided that this year, our UnTurkeyDay dinner will be all about fish and seafood and various accompaniments. I shall give my fish cookery skills a workout that day, you can be sure.

I think this coming Saturday might find me cleaning out my garage. This will not be a job for the faint of heart, so I’m thinking I’ll need a bit o’ Guinness to help the workday pass more easily:)

Edit From 2019: It turns out that the owner of the pizza place, a software engineer who really never should have franchised a restaurant, WAS popping ulcer pills. 19 months after I wrote this, he shut down the store.