Mrs. Wangdoodle Gets Naked

…damn those hot flashes

365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations

About this location : This is from my CyberPulp world, but it also exists in our world…but it’s not as cool

#114: Alcatraz Island

In the CyberPulp universe, Alcatraz Island was purchased in 1840 by the very first Doc Tempest (or rather, the first member of the family to be known by that name). He then hired a large number of men to begin work on what would become the family estate and headquarters for all the Doc Tempests to come.

Originally, the island had a large house, several outbuildings, laboratories and a dock for boats and ships. In 1849, a lighthouse was added and a great deal of landscaping began. In 1865, a small zoo was built. Not all of the creatures found their would be recognized by most zoologists. The australopithicus would be one of them.

By the 1920’s, the island had been enlarged from it’s original 18.86 acres to just shy of 26 acres. A wide array of security devices had been installed, along with an airstrip and hangar (with a dirigible mast). An underground cavern was converted into a submarine pen. The zoo was relocated to the grounds of the Tempest Foundation in Sacramento.

In 1952, the island was again enlarged, this time to it’s present size of 40 acres. Almost every building was torn down and rebuilt.

In 1973, construction began on the dome that now covers the island. It was finished in 1977.

As of 2035, there are 75 permanent residents of the island, almost all of them are on Doc Tempest’s support team. Security on the island is the tightest in the world and so far, none of Doc’s enemies have ever breached it.

Super Milk Chan VS Ren & Stimpy

…wow, I just heard sombody’s head explode

Today, I switch over from daily characters to daily locations.

365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations

About this : We’ll start off our locations with a small drinking establishment set in the Pulp Era.

#113: Hannigan’s Tavern

Located on a corner in a working class section of The Big City, Hannigan’s is the kind of place were the average Joe can stop in for a couple of brews after a hard day at work. The radio is usually set to a baseball game or a comedy show and there’s free pretzels or peanuts at the bar.

The layout is simple…the main room is a 30’X65′ rectangle with booths on one side, the bar on the other and tables & chairs in between. A long hallway connects the main room with (in order): men’s room, ladies room, broom closet, office, store room and “meeting room”. The meeting room is generally used for Hannigan’s weekly poker game, but sometimes it gets used to stash people in trouble. Not criminals, just folks who find themselves in danger from bad guys.

The decor of Hannigan’s runs mostly to dark woods, bar signs and medium level lighting. The place has seen better days, but it’s not a dump.

Open Mon.-Sat. 11 am to 2 am and Sunday from 1 pm to 12 am.

So We Put His Sports Car In An Oak Tree

…and amazingly, we still graduated

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character: Two words: Toy Cops

#112: Detective Ted E. Bear


STR: 2d6
DEX: 2d6
CON: 3d6
INT: 4d6

At the Butte Valley Day Care & Pre-School, Ted E. Bear is the cop who gets the scum off of the street. Dolly hookers, action figure gangs, rowdy wind up robots or stuffed toy mobsters, Detective Bear is on their asses like poop on a diaper. He’s tough, dedicated and quick with a pop gun.

Detective Bear stands 18″ tall and weighs 2 pounds. His fur is dark brown and has a few spit stains. One of his eyes is brown and the other is a black button. He lives behind the big toy box. His favorite drink is Pedialyte on the rocks.

Frozen Dog Poop Bombs

…right there in my yard

It’s 31 fuckin’ degrees outside just now! To you folks from the less civilized world (or the high Sierras here in California), that might seem like a balmy day, but to us here in the Big Tomato, it’s too damned cold. I’m hoping my spinach survives the freeze. Daisy was none to thrilled about being taken out into the freezing cold to pee, so she accomplished her mission in record time before streaking back into her warm bed. Meanwhile, before I leave for my dentist appointment, I need to pick up and dispose of the titular doggie land mines.

And before y’all start calling me a cold weather wimp (which I am), I’ll just tell ya that we will no doubt see a few even colder days hereabouts before the sane weather returns.

Yellow Doom Flowers

…and aluminum butterflies

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character: Today’s lawman isn’t really a man, but he serves Our Robot Masters well.

#111: Law Enforcement Unit 3-DR/44 “Wyatt Earp”


STR: 5d6
DEX: 4d6
CON: 4d20
INT: 5d8

3-DR/44, or Wyatt Earp as the meat units know him, is the primary law enforcement robot in the Madison Sector of Wisconsin Territory. He enforces the peace among the meat units, which is a full time job given their ability to cause trouble. Additionally, he keeps an optical sensor out for any attempted rebellion against the Primary Robotic Masters. Such rebellion is not tolerated and Wyatt is programmed to terminate with extreme predjudice and efficiency all rebels he locates.

Wyatt stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 900 pounds. He is armed with a full sensor array, a wide assortment of both lethal and non-leathal weapons, a Class 5 robot/human psychological interface chip and armor that can withstand a direct hit by a Light Antitank Weapon.

In his spare time, 3-DR/44 improves his personality programming by watching old cop movies and tv shows. He is particularly fond of Clint Eastwood, Humphrey Bogart and Jack Webb.