Attacked By Demonic Cake

…german chocolate, in fact


Today, we start Tiny Folk Week. These Tiny Folk are 6 inches high and most of them live in out of the way areas in the countryside. The rest live right under our noses in the big city.


The Doclopedia #84

Tiny Folk: Shumi Mouseherder


Shumi Mouseherder is a member of the Falling Leaf Clan. Her clan lives high in the mountains on the edge of a meadow. They have lived there for nearly 150 years.

Shumi is, as her name implies, a mouseherder. Tiny Folk mice are different from the mice we know. They are more than twice as large, have longer fur and are much calmer and slower moving. Shumi manages a herd of 20 mice with the help of her sister, Skomi, and her trusty watchchipmunk, Boncha.

Shumi is 16 years old and has white hair and green eyes. During the long days of tending her herd, she often thinks up stories, which she writes down at night. One day, perhaps, she will be known as Shumi Storyteller.


One comment on “Attacked By Demonic Cake

  1. jbru says:

    This reminds me of a joke:
    An old Scot sits at a bar speaking to his drinking companion: “Ya see this bar? I carved this bar! But do they call me Seamus Bar-carver? No! An that dock! I built that dock! Do they call me Seamus Dock-builder? No! But you fuck one goat….”

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