Doc Tempest And The Curse Of The Snake God

…from the March, 1949 issue

Mini Movie Review: Flushed Away

This is the first CGI movie from the home of Wallace & Grommit, Aardman Studios. It’s about the adventures of a posh pet rat named Roddy (voiced by the nigh ubiquitous Hugh Jackman) in the sewers under London. It looks great, has very funny characters and pretty darned good music…the funniest of which is sung by slugs throughout the film. There are plenty of laughs for kids and adults, so you parents can take the kids. All in all, worth your money.

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character: Some Tiny Folk live in the wildreness, some live in town, but this guy lives down on the farm.

#88: Ehdan Underbarn

Stats (modified from Toon, but using a d10)

Muscle: 6
Smarts: 6
Zip: 5
Chutzpah: 7

Ehdan and his clan, the Red Rooster Clan, have lived on the Yoder family farm for well over 150 years. While some of the clan live beneath the farmhouse, most of them live under the huge barn. Life on the farm means hard work, but there is also great comfort and plenty of good eating.

Although the Tiny Folk raise many crops and animals of their own, they still harvest some things that the Giant Folk grow. Most noteably, they gather up corn, soybeans, apples, squash and eggs. They also trade goods with other clans in the area, generally at the Spring and Fall Harvest Festivals.

Recently, the Red Rooster Clan has figured out how to milk a goat (no easy task for so small a people), so now they don’t have to steal milk from the milkhouse to make cheese. Now if they can just figure out how to kill, butcher and transport a hog in a single night, they’ll really be doing well.


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