Never Try To Kiss An Angry Ferret

…or even one that’s mildly peturbed

Sweet Mother of Dog, today was one busy motherfucker at work. I was running around on deliveries so fast, I passed myself twice.

After work, I picked up My Sweet Angel from work and we ate dinner at Fin’s. I had the swordfish, she had the opah and we shared raspberry cheesecake. As always, it was damned yummy and very filling.

Below, I am have posted the 99th of my proposed 365 daily characters. Nobody is more surprised about that than I am.

And now, let’s start Aliens Week!

About this character: Our first alien is one of millions of his people who are living right here on Earth. Try not to trip over him if you go out hiking.

The Doclopedia #99

Aliens:  Grikk

Stats (based on a d10)

Physical: 4
Mental: 9
Spiritual: 6

Grikk (his proper name is Grikkkkkkkikikkkkkakkkikakorrrkakorkik) is a District Leader of the Wrok (proper name: Wrokokaaakakikiokarkarkikokik) species of aliens from the planet Renzeb 4. The Wrok first came to Earth 120,000 years ago and have been living here quite contentedly ever since. They are intrigued by all earthly lifeforms, especially humans, even tho most move at insane speeds and live for such a short time.

The Wrok are a mineral life form and yes, they look like rocks. In fact, they look so much like rocks that no human could ever tell the difference unless they saw them extrude their manipulatory organs or levitate via their psionic powers. Most Wrok are about the size of a large potato, although a few can get twice that size.

Grikk is still young, by Wrok standards, being a mere 600 years old. Still, he has risen up the ranks to become District Leader of the 15th District. His parents are very proud of him. Grikk is known for being intelligent, hard working and full of good ideas.

When he is not on duty, Grikk likes to engage in problem solving mind melds with his friends (roleplaying), absorb a bit of acidic rainwater (get drunk) and enter into a temporary compressive state with female Wrok (fuck).


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