Popcorn For Breakfast

…pop, pop

Damn, I almost missed getting today’s character up!

About this character: This alien thinks the Klingon’s are a bunch of pussies.


The Doclopedia #102

Aliens:  Jix the Conqueror


Stats (based on a d10)

Physical: 3
Mental: 6
Spiritual: 9

Jix, or as he is more commonly known, High Warlord Jix, is the iron fisted ruler of 67 planetary systems. He used to rule 71, but he got bored one day and destroyed 4 of them. On a good day, the trillions of people he rules over merely fear him more than anything else in life. On a bad day, they fear him so much their heads explode.

When he is not conquering new systems, torturing his enemies, laying waste to ecosystems, terrorizing the free worlds or strangling kittens & puppies, Jix likes long walks on the beach, cuddling and baking cookies.

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