Choice Cuts Of Gopher Meat

…sauteed in olive oil

365 Days, 365 Characters?

First off, I’m not stopping my daily bit of RPG joy. But…

The character below will be my 104th character in a row since I started this. I’ll be doing some more, but the truth is, I’m getting bored thinking up characters. SO…in about a week, I’ll be switching from characters to LOCATIONS. And, should I get bored with locations 100 or so days down the road, I’ll do items or monsters or maybe even characters again. But by Dog, I’ll do SOMETHING every day until the day Grace and I leave for GenCon 2007 next August. And now…

About this character: This alien is not organic, but he does have a lovely singing voice.

#104: Hek 40

Stats (based on a d10)

Physical: 8
Mental: 8
Spiritual: 1

Hek 40, or Hec Forte as he is known here on Earth, is a member of the Aarini race. The Aarini are robotic life forms from the far side of our galaxy. They generally keep to themselves and their 4 solar systems, but Hek 40 was always an explorer. One day, he explored a wormhole and the next thing he knew he was crash landing on Earth in the year 1930.

It took Hek 40 about 2 weeks to learn everything he needed to know about humans, create an organic covering for his body and become Hec Forte, jazz pianist and singer. So far, he has been on Earth for 10 months and he is enjoying every minute of it. He has an apartment, a girlfriend, lots of musician friends to jam with and a pocket full of money. Life is good.


4 comments on “Choice Cuts Of Gopher Meat

  1. jbru says:

    Bored after 104, eh?
    Well, tough titty, sailor! Suck it up and crank ’em out! You’ve got 261 more to go!
    Locations!? Bah! (Now. I’ll cut you some slack on locations as characters, like covenants in Ars Magica. But that’s all I’m budging!)

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